An Actor On ‘Twin Peaks,’ Lenny Von Dohlen, Is Dead at 64

Died of natural causes, his management confirmed. He was well recognized for his appearances in “Twilight” and “Electric Dreams.” He was sixty-four years old.

After a “long illness,” Von Dohlen died at home in Los Angeles, according to his longtime manager, Steven J. Wolf. “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” and “Twin Peaks: The Return of Harold Smith” both featured the actor as the agoraphobic horticulturist Harold Smith.

Over the previous four decades, he has appeared in such films as “Billy Galvin,” “CSI: Miami,” “Chicago Hope,” “Thirtysomething,” “Home Alone 3,” “And Tollbooth,” “Cadillac,” and “One Good Turn.”

An Actor on 'Twin Peaks,' Lenny Von Dohlen, Is Dead at 64

Lenny Von Dohlen arrives at the Vista Theatre in Los Angeles, California for the American Film Institute’s “Twin Peaks Release Screening on July 16, 2014.

According to his manager, Von Dohlen recently starred in an indie comedy film titled “Hollywood,” which is currently in post-production with Sally Kirkland, Michael Lerner, and Keith Carradine.

At the University of Texas at Austin where she studied drama, Von Dohlen earned her bachelor’s degree and then went on to Loretto Heights College in Denver, Colorado, where she received her master’s.

An Actor on 'Twin Peaks,' Lenny Von Dohlen, Is Dead at 64

He began his performing career in New York City’s theatres and then spread around the nation. In 1981, he starred in the Emmy-winning television movie “Kent State,” his first on-screen appearance.

Tender Mercies,” which won the Academy Award for Best Picture two years later, secured him the main role in the science fiction comedy “Electric Dreams,” according to his agent.

The writer James Still, Von Dohlen’s companion, his daughter Hazel, his mother Gay, and his siblings Mary Gay, Catherine, and John David Von Dohlen are among those left to cherish his enduring legacy.

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