As a Result of Stranger Things, David Harbour Had to Lose 80 Pounds

David Harbour has decided to give up his Pilates workouts and focus on his acting. After Hopper was imprisoned in a Soviet camp in season four, the Stranger Things star embarked on a gruelling gym regimen to shed pounds. He lost 80 pounds in eight months by doing Pilates and intermittent fasting, but, as he told GQ recently, “I don’t think I’ll ever do that again.”

Prior to adding that special effects could handle the job: “Yeah, never again.” It’s “too nice” to be true. In the same way, the idea of method acting,’ which involves completely engrossing oneself in a role, repels David.

According to the actor, he once said, “I’m going to kill a cat” or something like that as part of his preparation for playing the Scottish King. He added, “Obviously, I didn’t actually do it.”

As a result of Stranger Things, David Harbour had to lose 80 pounds

His final words: “Not only is such stuff ridiculous, but it’s also hazardous and produces poor quality work.” Although method actors like Daniel Day-Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio, and most lately Jeremy Strong have received critical acclaim for their work, David remains unconvinced.

There Will Be Blood actor Jared Leto described him as “an incredible performer who I’m attracted and fascinated by.” In his explanations, though, it sounds like nonsense.

David Harbour might not have met Lily Allen if he had gone all-method, effectively becoming Hopper. A third date went horribly for the actor because he was his usual frank self, and he was afraid it would turn her off. “I’m just going to be brutally honest about everything, because why lie?” I was thinking at the time.

I also shared certain details about my own life and beliefs with her “he stated. “To accept what I stated would take a truly exceptional individual. My first impression was that he was a person I would like to spend time with.”

As David himself admitted, they met the British singer at his most vulnerable. As he told the New York Times in July of last year, “My wife met me at 280 pounds with this beard and this hair,” he was proof of his overwhelming charisma. “She genuinely fell for me at my worst, physically and hair-wise, at the Wolseley [restaurant] in London.”

As a result of Stranger Things, David Harbour had to lose 80 pounds

Lily’s two daughters served as witnesses when the couple married in Las Vegas a year after their engagement. Afterwards, they went to In ‘N Out for a celebratory fatty dinner and posted a couple of photos of themselves in their wedding dress.

‘In a wedding officiated by the King, the People’s Princess married her Devoted, Low-Birther, but Kind Credit Card Holder in a Beautiful Ceremony Illuminated by Ashen Skyes from a Burning State,’ the king captioned the news. “Following the ceremony, a modest reception provided refreshments.” Netflix has Stranger Things streaming now.

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