Becca Tilley on Removing the “virgin” Label from Her Bachelor Career and Her Fears of “letting People Down”

Becca Tilley is being transparent about the changes in her romantic life and self-perception after her time on The Bachelor. Tilley, 33, revealed to The Cut on Friday that her “storyline on The Bachelor was that I was a virgin when America first got to know me.” She has since been in a few high-profile partnerships, most recently introducing her romance with musician Hayley Kiyoko in a silly music video this past May. She also dated former Bachelorette suitor Robert Graham.

Becca Tilley on Removing the "Virgin" Label from Her Bachelor Career and Her Fears of "Letting People Down"

She made reference to her 2016–2017 relationship with Graham by saying, “So when I was in my relationship before Hayley and all of a sudden I wasn’t a virgin anymore, I felt like, Did I let people who looked up to me for that reason?”

Tilley has been conscious of her reputation among fans ever since she joined Bachelor Nation seven years ago. That self-consciousness erupted when she started dating Kiyoko, 31, as she had only ever seen couples on television.

Every time I read through the comments, I would think, “I’ll never do this.” Why on earth would I ever put myself through this criticism? She addressed the outlet. However, Tilley did quip, “These people were also hoping I’d be engaged in eight weeks. In some circumstances, they might not have the greatest viewpoint.

Becca Tilley on Removing the "Virgin" Label from Her Bachelor Career and Her Fears of "Letting People Down"

Becca Tilley: “I Don’t Want Anyone to Think I Was Ashamed” on Keeping Relationship with Hayley Kiyoko Private She was actually taken aback by the amount of support and the lack of criticism she received after Tilley and Kiyoko’s relationship became public. She remarked, “I’ve realized I have to give folks a chance to show me wrong. I didn’t even give individuals an opportunity to be more open-minded than I believed they were.

“People were really hoping for me to find love,” she continued. All they wanted was for me to be happy. As luck would have it, Tilley recently made contact with Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause, who recently started dating non-binary singer G Flip. Stause and Tilley both recently stunned fans with new relationships. Tilley was content to introduce America to Kiyoko as her girlfriend in one-on-one situations before she formally did so, but it was occasionally a source of confusion.

The Cut quoted Tilley as saying that she once ran into Stause at a concert and told him, “My girlfriend’s coming out.” Stause enquired about her romantic status later on in the evening. Tilley noted that she and Kiyoko weren’t exactly understated prior to going public and added, “That happens all the time. When Tilley visited her when she was on tour, she would post about it on Instagram. The general consensus was that Hayley and I were best friends. enormous fan

A few weeks later, Stause (who had previously referred to G Flip as a “friend” at the concert) admitted that she, too, was in a relationship with him, and the two couples went on a double date. In May 2018, Tilley and Kiyoko had their first encounter at NYLON’s Annual Young Hollywood party.

Becca Tilley on Removing the "Virgin" Label from Her Bachelor Career and Her Fears of "Letting People Down"

A few months later, Tilley said she was dating, though she insisted she was making an effort to keep things discreet. She also referred to Kiyoko as “95p” on her Scrubbing In podcasts, denoting that she was almost certain she would wed her.

She stated that she was carefully considering when and how she would reveal the connection to the public in her Friday interview with The Cut. She was just protecting her privacy—not running away. Although there might be a delicate line, she declared, “I don’t want people to believe I was humiliated or embarrassed.” I thought that was incredibly essential.

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