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“Clerks III” Trailer Features A Shocking Guest Appearance By Ben Affleck

"Clerks III" Trailer Features a Shocking Guest Appearance by Ben Affleck

In the trailer for Clerks III, Kevin Smith enlisted the help of a number of his celebrity friends. For the first time in 16 years, Clerks II stars Jason Mewes as Jay, Silent Bob Smith as Silent Bob, and the rest of the gang as the rest of the characters.

Randal (Jeff Anderson) chooses to become a filmmaker when he has a health scare and decides to make a movie about the convenience store and his buddies. Rosario Dawson plays Becky, while Brian O’Halloran returns to play Dante. Trevor Fehrman plays Elias.

The trailer pays homage to the films before it. Randal compares Jay and Silent Bob to C-3PO and R2-D2 in the Star Wars universe. Despite the fact that they’ve been around since the first film, which was when they were the hottest thing, they still get cameos and lunchbox appearances.

When Dante requests Randal not to kill him off in the event that there is a sequel, Randal wisely reacts by saying, “It’s a good question.” “Is there going to be a sequel? Then what exactly am I?”

As for casting, Fred Armisen and Sarah Michelle Gellar are among the actors that show up to read lines for the film. This wouldn’t be Affleck’s first appearance in a Will Smith film. Actually, he was the “gawking man” in Clerks II and starred in Jersey Girl and Chasing Amy.

How did he get Ben Affleck to join the cast of the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot? Smith told ET back in 2019. He insisted that it was all connected to Chasing Amy.

As soon as Smith woke up, he thought, “Ben, who portrayed Holden, who was the co-creator of Bluntman and Chronic in the mythology of our movies, so I could draw him into the third act,” he explains. “There’s a part that serves as the emotional climax of the film, which is his scene, that was previously absent.

It was just a single, fleeting visual moment. The eight-page follow-up to Chasing Amy, smack in the middle of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, was made possible because he said he would play Holden.”

By releasing Clerks III on September 13 and 15, director Ryan Coogler appears to have dragged Affleck back into his film universe.

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