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Despite His Ongoing Illness, Oprah Winfrey Surprises Her Father Vernon with An Appreciation Day

Despite his ongoing illness, Oprah Winfrey surprises her father Vernon with an appreciation day

Oprah Winfrey is going all out in support of her father! In honour of Independence Day, the 68-year-old media mogul hosted a surprise celebration for her father, Vernon Winfrey, on Monday. In a video posted on Instagram, Oprah explained that she was holding a backyard BBQ, but the true purpose of the event was to honour Vernon Winfrey.

“My father is ill and so we wanted to be able to have all of his friends come and celebrate him while he is able to enjoy the joy,” she said while showing off the banner behind her in her 88-year-old father’s honour.”He doesn’t even realise that this is for him,” Oprah stated when questioned about her father’s excitement by her best friend Gayle King.

For some reason, he believes it’s a celebration for the Fourth of July.” “He doesn’t know… he doesn’t know. He’s going to come out and see everything.” Oprah ran down the food options for the occasion, saying she was providing fried chicken, turkey, burgers, and “all that stuff.”

She ended the film by showing her father soaking in the occasion in a place he was familiar with best. Her father is a barber, she explained, so they put him in the barber chair in the backyard. According to Oprah’s caption for the image, “When he’s still able to smell them, I’m giving him his “flowers.” Happy Independence Day to you and those you love as you celebrate with your loved ones. Keep in mind to celebrate each other”

Vernon’s ailment is currently unidentified. As far as Oprah’s father was concerned, she didn’t give any further specifics. As her father currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, Oprah has been chronicling her time there. She posted photos and videos of herself spending time with her family and one with King, 67, in which they made breakfast together.

Oprah captioned the video, which showed them frying bacon, sausage, and grits, “Making breakfast for the family with @gayleking #Nashvillestyle, Speaking with PEOPLE about her father in June 2021, Oprah was preparing for her OWN programme, Honoring Our Kings. With Sterling K. Brown from This Is Us, she hosted the event Celebrating Black Fatherhood.

He knew I could have been someone else’s child but yet took responsibility for me,” she gushed about Vernon as a father. “My mum and father never got married,” she continued. “They had sex at least once. After I’m born, he receives a letter requesting that he provide money to my mother. “You have a daughter,” I said to you.” So, in his own words, “It might have been me” is why he did it. I would not be the person I am now if it hadn’t been for his care and love and guidance and support given to me as a young teenager.”

Oprah Winfrey is going all out in support of her father “For as long as I can remember, my father’s barbershop was replete with examples of this. As a result of their efforts to provide for their families and work as many as three occupations, men would enter the building “Then she went on, “So that’s what I know about Black fathers—the ones I grew up with and the one I know. Using only one image as a basis for a narrative about an absent parent is a misunderstanding. My intention is to convey that.”

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