Elizabeth Banks Discloses Why She Cried In The Shower After Her First Day Of Hosting ‘Press Your Luck’ 

It wasn’t long before Elizabeth Banks was overcome with emotion when she hosted her debut game show on ABC’s Press Your Luck. In the end, it wasn’t because she had a personal connection to the show as a child that caused her to shed tears. It was a joy to watch the contestants accomplish their aspirations.

It was with great pleasure that she let ET’s Matt Cohen an exclusive glimpse at the set of the resurrection of her classic 1980s game show, which played on CBS for three seasons before being cancelled in 1986.

Ahead of the Season 4 premiere Thursday night, Banks talked about how the programme had a profound effect on her on the first day of production in Studio 46 opposite from where American Idol is filmed.

“My very first show is still fresh in my mind. When Banks returned to his home, “I was in the shower,” he remembered. He came in and asked, “How is the show going?” Honey, what’s up?’ I responded, perplexed. It was so surreal for me to be on stage that my first act left me crying in the shower, and after one of the participants’ performances, I had to wipe tears from their eyes for someone else.

Elizabeth Banks Discloses Why She Cried in the Shower After Her First Day of Hosting 'Press Your Luck' 

And I was inconsolable by the experience as well. I couldn’t help but reflect that we are living in an incredible period of history. On this show, I get to make a difference in people’s lives.” “Just hours before ET’s arrival,” a participant almost won $1 million, according to Banks, the host of the show.

This excites her to no end. “My favourite part about this show is that it makes me laugh out loud every time. People’s lives are transformed as a result of the work we do. Stunning, to say the least.”

When she was selected host of Press Your Luck in May 2019, Elizabeth Banks stated that the show was a must-see for herself and her sister.

“Press Your Luck was a favourite after-school show of my and my sister because the whammies were lively and just plain funny. The questions were also based on pop culture references, so we thought we could come up with some creative answers.”

At stake is life-changing cash and awards for those who manage to evade the WHAMMY’s wrath, according to the show’s official description.

Elizabeth Banks Discloses Why She Cried in the Shower After Her First Day of Hosting 'Press Your Luck' 

It’s safe to say that Banks has a stellar Hollywood career, ranging from her roles in The Hunger Games and Charlie’s Angels to developing and directing Pitch Perfect 2. Her time on Press Your Luck, on the other hand, has provided a unique vantage point.

My family is my most important source of support,” she explains. “As a result, I carry them about with me wherever I go. My children were just here the day before. During your recent visit, my kid was doing his math homework in the dressing room you were just in.

We all like watching this together, so it’s a job they look forward to every day. Favourite contestants are a thing for them. They’re here. Tomorrow night, they’ll be in the crowd, so we have a lot of fun with this!” Banks already know who to call for a celebrity edition of Press Your Luck: Jon Hamm, Celine Dion, and Sofia Vergara!

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