Emma Watson: Fighting Her ‘Harry Potter’ Past Would Be ‘stupid’

In the beginning, Emma Watson wasn’t sure if she wanted to pursue a career as an actor. When it came to her role as Hermione Granger, she was certain. While driving with her father and listening to the Harry Potter books, the campaigner fell in love with the persona she had created. After discovering the famous books were being adapted for the big screen, she worked tirelessly to land the role she had always dreamed of.

For a Decade, Emma Watson Was Hermione Granger

Emma Watson: Fighting Her 'Harry Potter' Past Would Be 'Stupid'

Even though he had initially agreed to appear in just two Harry Potter films, Watson would go on to appear in every one of the eight. Watson stayed with the franchise despite considering quitting a few times.

The Brown University alumnus would devote a decade to filming and promoting blockbuster blockbusters. In time, her personality and Hermione’s personality seemed to merge.

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She Can’t Get Her Hands Off Her “Harry Potter” History

Emma Watson: Fighting Her 'Harry Potter' Past Would Be 'Stupid'

After more than a decade, Hermione is still Emma Watson’s most popular role, even though Harry Potter ended. Even when marketing new ventures, Harry Potter is virtually always addressed. Watson, on the other hand, appears to have come to terms with it.

An interview with Rookie Mag by the activist revealed that she sometimes feels like she’s being defined by her activism. That, however, was not going to drive her to try to flee from the character that had made her so well known in the first place.

Watson began by saying, “I’m not complaining, since people have really given me permission to evolve and have been really supportive of my work outside of Harry Potter.” Watson. This means that, in that regard, I don’t feel too constrained.

However, there have been instances when I’ve felt constrained by expectations of what kind of person I should be. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and “What would Harry and Ron say?” appears in every piece about me that is published.

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Watson Thinks It Would Be Naive to Try to Reclaim the Part that Made Her Famous

Watson went on to say that he would never put Hermione at risk by trying to separate himself from her. Nevertheless, I refuse to give in to my frustration about it since I’m so happy to have played a role. Her words: “Harry Potter and proud of my work on those flicks.

” You cannot expect people to change their expectations in a matter of hours. In my opinion, it would be a waste of time and energy to fight too hard.”

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