In ‘the Goldbergs,’ Patton Oswalt’s Endearing Narration Is Direct and To the Point

The Goldbergs is a semi-autobiographical sitcom that depicts the life of a young Adam F. Goldberg in the year 1980-something. The series follows Adam and his whole family, focusing on the larger-than-life (and sometimes unbelievable) characters who influenced his development into the person he is now.

For more than a decade, The Golderbergs has been entertaining audiences with a nostalgic look back at what it was like to grow up in the 1980s, recounted in a tone that echoes The Wonder Years. Even though it hasn’t won any major honors, The Goldbergs has grown to be a cult favorite among fans over the years because of the show’s endearing idiosyncrasies and lovable characters.

In 'The Goldbergs,' Patton Oswalt's endearing narration is direct and to the point

Is the Goldberg family affected by narration? The series doesn’t waste any time in getting directly to the heart of what makes The Goldbergs, as seen through the eyes of a fully-formed Adam Goldberg. When Patton Oswalt’s voice-over begins in the first minute of the first episode, viewers are ushered inside Adam’s childhood home.

A lot of sitcoms based on timepieces use narration to explain more than only the personalities of Adam’s family members, but also how he interacts with them, why they’re the way they are, and what people say. To comprehend his family, we need more than just a brief introduction from Oswalt’s voice-over.

In 'The Goldbergs,' Patton Oswalt's endearing narration is direct and to the point

As soon as Murray’s over-the-top reaction or misinterpretation appears, Adam’s older self is there to explain what he really means and why it isn’t mean. Anytime his mother, Bev, goes too far and attempts to protect him from growing up, Oswalt doesn’t miss a beat and lets the audience know either where she’s coming from, why it affected him, or how she fixed it.

To put it simply, without Oswalt’s voice-over, The Goldbergs would have been a far more chaotic flashback to a dysfunctional family lacking in boundaries had it not been for his timely insights and liberal use of context. What Patton Oswalt Narrated Means to the Film By infusing each episode with a unique tone and providing narration for all of the major scenes, Oswalt establishes the tone and is fundamental to the overall plot of each episode.

Patton Oswalt’s easygoing narration at the beginning of each episode draws us into the story and explains the idea of what we’re about to witness, deftly managing the line between nostalgic pop-culture references and informed humorous ambiance. As much as it differs from reality, this is an ode to Goldberg’s own youth told through the eyes of the characters.

In 'The Goldbergs,' Patton Oswalt's endearing narration is direct and to the point

Without Oswalt’s well-timed narrative embellishments, the series would not reflect the way Goldberg genuinely sees his family and simply would not hit the same notes that made it the tremendous decade-long success that it is now. Adam F. Goldberg: What Patton Oswalt Learned about Narrating the Character’s Life in Ten Years of The Goldbergs

As part of a 2019 interview with GiveMeMyRemote.Com, Patton Oswalt discussed his creative process for voicing Adam F. Goldberg’s life story, but also what he’s learned to bring. After years of working on programs, Adam Goldberg’s true voice is one thing that the veteran voice actor now understands. For the sitcom’s unseen protagonist, he has learned to inhabit the voice smoothly and points out that working as a narrator from the perspective of an actual person, there are subtleties that need to be mastered to tell the story.

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