‘It Hurt for So Long’: Tom Petty Said John Lennon’s Death ‘Pissed Him Off’

The death of John Lennon in 1980 shook the music industry. Tom Petty, for example, was able to recall exactly where he was when John Lennon died. Petty was deeply affected by John Lennon’s death,

One of his heroes, John Lennon, had died, and he believed that his tragedy added to a gloomy year. Thanks to the influence of John Lennon and the Beatles, Tom Petty always knew he wanted to pursue a career as a musician.

His initial musical love was Elvis, but the Beatles’ influence on Petty’s life was particularly profound. He remembered how it felt to watch the band on The Ed Sullivan Show as a young man.

By the time I was 13, I’d developed an interest in music.” As he told the Grammys, “This was the moment that altered everything in my life.” Before that, I’d been a fan. ” But this was what sparked my interest in music in the first place. You realized that it was possible.

'It Hurt for so Long': Tom Petty Said John Lennon's Death 'Pissed Him Off'

An independent unit might write, record, and sing songs. And they appeared to be having a great time while they were at it.” Today, he said, it’s difficult to realize how significant the occasion was.

When you look at it now, it’s hard to comprehend how monolithic it was, he remarked. It was, however, a seismic shift in the landscape. In those days, you didn’t see a lot of rock ‘n’ roll on TV. “And [the Beatles] were so prepared for it.”

The death of John Lennon had a profound effect on Tom Petty, according to the singer. The day after John Lennon’s death, Petty was in the studio, intending to meet the former Beatle within a week or two of the news.

As quoted in the book Conversations With by Paul Zollo: “Ringo [Starr] waTom Pettys working next door that week.” “The rumor at the time was that John would be coming to sing on Ringo’s album.” It was exciting to think that we might get to meet John.”

Initially, no one believed it, according to Petty. There was a call.” According to him, it appeared as though it was early in the daytime. A phone call informed me that John had been killed.

There was nothing to it, and we dismissed it as rubbish. John’s death was confirmed within fifteen minutes of the first call. As a result, we halted production. “And then I went back home.”

'It Hurt for so Long': Tom Petty Said John Lennon's Death 'Pissed Him Off'

Petty expressed his rage over Lennon’s death. To this day, he still feels the pain of losing him. That some f***ing fool could just blast him away makes me angry every time I see his photo or hear his song.” In fact, John Lennon and Elvis Presley, the only two persons I’ve ever admired and adored, are both deceased. “Also, I’m not a fan of idols.”

He indicated that he had already had a difficult year, and this just exacerbated his feelings of grief and despair. Sparks had been extinguished. The pain lasted so long that it f***ed him up,” he confessed. “My mother passed away in the same year. “It was a year of doom.”

He was relieved to witness Keith Richards’ response to a possible attack. Petty admitted that he was haunted by the incident for some time. When he observed someone trying to harm Keith Richards, he felt a sense of comfort.

“I don’t think about it as often as I used to,” he replied. While watching the Stones on cable, I watched a fan run onstage and attack Keith Richards. His Telecaster was stabbed into his brain by Keith. I sprang to my feet and cheered. No one will shoot Keith, f***ing A. It’s all in the frame of mind.

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