“It’s My Dream to Have Children,” Says Comedian Pete Davidson. ‘The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened to Me’

Pete Davidson can’t wait to become a father! ‘Ex-Saturday Night Live star and Hart to Heart host Kevin Hart revealed in a preview of season 2 that he can’t wait to have children of his own one day. In an interview, Davidson gushed about the upcoming life-changing event, calling it his biggest fantasy.

It was clear to him that he was a “family person.” “One of the things I’ve always wanted but haven’t yet accomplished is having a child. That’s like a fantasy come true for me.

Even if it’s a little ridiculous, it would be a lot of fun. It’s time to dress him up! Like, I can’t wait for that chapter to come out. For the time being, I’m simply trying to keep up with guys, improve, and become better so that it’s easy when the time comes.”

"It's my dream to have children," says comedian Pete Davidson. 'The Best Thing That's Ever Happened to Me'

This came up when they discussed how to open Pete Davidson about his upbringing and how he has been since he was little. “There were some difficult times in my life as a child.

Dad passed away too soon. Single mother. my new sister, “he explained. “I just didn’t manage it very well,” she confessed. He described it as “a f**king horror” in his book.

At the time of the terrorist assault on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, Davidson’s father Scott, a New York City firefighter, died. A few minutes before the North Tower collapsed, he was helping evacuate guests from Marriott World Trade Center Hotel.

"It's my dream to have children," says comedian Pete Davidson. 'The Best Thing That's Ever Happened to Me'

Davidson claims that despite the suffering, it was what ultimately drove him to success. This guy says that if only his upbringing had been better, he may be working on Staten Island right now, and he couldn’t be happier.

That crazy stuff it does to you is what made me appreciate the comedy in the first place, though.

As far as Kim Kardashian is concerned, Davidson’s public admission has yet to be confirmed. Davidson, on the other hand, appears to get along well with his girlfriend’s four children—North, 9, Saint, 6, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 3—as well as their father.

In June, an insider told ET that Davidson and Kardashian’s bond was only deepening after he became friends with the reality star’s children.

Seeing how well he gets along with the kids further strengthened Kim’s feelings for Pete, according to the insider. He is the first guest on Hart to Heart season 2, which premieres on Peacock Thursday.

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