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Jim Kenney Resign: What Would Happen if He Resigns?

jim kenney resign

People pay attention when Reverend Mark Tyler is on the mic. Even though I don’t know him very well, the historic African Methodist Episcopal Church pastor has long been a moral voice in Society Hill’s frequently transactional daily narrative.

After Richard Allen and Absalom Jones led a walkout from St. George’s Church to protest inequality, Rev. Tyler helped form the AME denomination, which was born in his church in 1794. Rev. Tyler’s advocacy dates back to the church’s founding.

In my opinion, Rev. Tyler is one of those faith-based civic leaders who have street cred as well as backroom credibility. In addition to his duties as a pastor, he has been a leading influence behind the clergy group POWER and a co-convener of the Ending Racism Partnership, together with the Urban Affairs Coalition and Independence Blue Cross.

In return, he speaks truth to power by endorsing candidates for public office. It’s a part of the AME Church’s “ethos and spirit” to be involved in social justice work as a pastor, according to Rev. Tyler. “It’s a part of our identity.”’s recent news item on Rev. Tyler’s apparent request for Mayor Kenney’s resignation was crucial because of this. Among the many ways the Kenney government has fallen short in recent crises, he included the following: The epidemic of gun deaths.

Peaceful demonstrators were sprayed with tear gas by police. Inconvenient vaccination rollout strategy. The scandal around the handling of recently revealed MOVE continues.

Where Can I Find a Copy of The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter?

If the mayor’s position becomes vacant, city law dictates how to fill it. “Unless the vacancy happens in the final year of the term, a Mayor shall be chosen by the Council by a majority vote of all its members in the next municipal or general election occurring more than thirty days after the occurrence of the vacancy,” the charter says.

” President of the Council shall serve as mayor until such time as the position is filled or until such time as the mayor is temporarily incapacitated; if President of the Council should resign or be unable to serve, Chairman of Council Finance Committee shall serve as mayor

A special election can be held if there is at least 30 days’ notice, much like when there is a vacancy on the municipal council. For example, a special election to replace outgoing council member Bobby Henon was held on Primary Election Day in May after he resigned in February.

While a council seat can remain vacant until an election, the mayor’s post cannot. The City council president serves as acting mayor in the meantime.

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When Has a Philadelphia Mayor Quit in The Middle of His or Her Term?

To Seek Governor, Richardson Dilworth Resigned from His Position in 1962. Deputy Mayor James Hugh Joseph Tate Was Council President at The Time. Since the Adoption of The Home Rule Charter, Tate Has Served as Philadelphia’s Mayor for The Longest Period of Time in The City’s History.

What Impact Might This Have on The 2023 Election?

Elections for Jim Kenney‘s Successor Are Scheduled for November 2023. in Addition to A Local Grocery Store Mogul, Some Current City Officials Have Also Begun Positioning Themselves as Potential Contenders.

The Resignation of Two Council Members — Derek Green and Allan Domb — Was Hinted at During the Council’s Final Meeting of The Fiscal Year in June when They Confirmed They Were Considering Running for Re-Election.

In Addition to Green and Domb, Other (rumored) Mayoral Hopefuls, Including Council Member Helen Gym and City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart, Tweeted About Kenney’s Remarks.

His Statements Were Addressed by City Council Member Cherelle Parker, Who Is Known to Be Considering a Run for Mayor in The Future. when She Found out What Kenney Had Said, She Called Him Right Away to Inform Him His Remarks Were “asinine”.  if You Can Feel This Way, Imagine how People in Philadelphia Who Can’t Check out Feel Every Day, She Remarked.

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Is This the First Time Kenney Has Been Urged to Resign?

There Have Been Several Complaints Against Kenney’s Leadership in The City for Over a Year Now, and Community Leaders Say that They No Longer Have Faith in Him to Lead Them.

Philadelphia Police Sprayed Tear Gas on Nonviolent Protesters Supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement After George Floyd Was Killed, Prompting the First Wave of Resignation Calls More than Two Years Ago.

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