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Michael B. Jordan Discusses Tiny Toads and Other Animals in New Nature Series

Michael B. Jordan Discusses Tiny Toads and Other Animals in New Nature Series

On July 4, Disney+ will debut a new programme from Emmy-nominated actor and producer Michael B. Jordan. The new six-part National Geographic television series America the Beautiful is narrated by Jordan.

Jordan, 35, narrates the action as it travels through the various landscapes of North America, from the highest peak of Denali to deep within the Florida swamps, presenting viewers to the courageous and unusual species that call the continent home.

Animal enthusiasts may get a preview of the upcoming series from People. An enormous dilemma confronts a small toad in the exclusive video above: a ravenous snake is pursuing him. By cunningly hiding in a snail shell until the snake gives up looking for him, the amphibian is able to elude his pursuers.

Michael B. Jordan America the Beautiful hopes that after watching the programme and seeing the amazing animals and landscapes that call American backyards and neighbourhoods home, viewers will be inspired to preserve and safeguard North America’s natural beauties.

America the Beautiful employed cinema-grade cameras to take the breathtaking pictures Jordan describes in the series. The programme is also the first natural history programme to mount cinema-quality cameras on fighter aircraft. The show was able to record breathtaking, all-encompassing vistas of the landscape and meteorological phenomena of North America thanks to these aerial images.

Watch the Monday episode of the award-winning series from the team behind Planet Earth and Frozen Planet. On July 4, only Disney+ will be streaming all of the America the Beautiful episodes.

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