More Delectable than A Georgia Peach: Savannah Chrisley’s Bikini Photos. Check out Her Sexiest Pics

She’s a hot mess! As a Southern belle who also happens to be a reality TV star, Savannah Chrisley fits the bill nicely. As soon as Chrisley Knows Best aired in 2014, she quickly rose to prominence as a fan favorite, second only to Nanny Faye in popularity. To date, we’ve watched her attend college, compete in pageants, and work out to prepare for her next bikini photoshoots.

Achieving Adulthood She was diagnosed with endometriosis at age 18, a painful condition in which tissue identical to that found in the uterine cavity grows outside of the uterus.

For her own well-being, and that of those around her as well, she began taking medication to alleviate the symptoms of her illness. While the former pageant girl was eating well and exercising regularly, the medicine she was taking made her gain weight.

More Delectable Than a Georgia Peach: Savannah Chrisley's Bikini Photos. Check Out Her Sexiest Pics

“I was on a drug and the greatest dose available for six months, and I gained roughly 30 pounds within the six months,” she said in an interview with Life & Style in July 2020. “I mean, it was difficult.”

At her shared property in Los Angeles with her brother, Chase Chrisley, or back home in Atlanta, Georgia, Savannah has been basking in the sun. Instagram captioned a photo of her in a pink flowery bikini with the question, “What will happen when I don’t come home from the islands?”

In order to keep her body and mind in harmony, the founder of Sassy by Savannah works out constantly. She frequently publishes fitness videos on Instagram to motivate others to improve their mental and physical health and to be open about her own personal health and wellness journey.

“Last Saturday morning I was having my BUTT KICKED by @sandersfit_ and this Saturday morning… well… I had chocolate and a soda for breakfast,” she captioned her January 2022 Instagram video with the hashtags “balance” and “exercise” attached.

When she debuts her podcast in the summer of 2022, her fans will learn more about her lifestyle. The E! star teased her new initiative on Instagram while asking her followers for podcast name suggestions. For her April 2022 Instagram announcement, she wrote: “I will be SPILLING ALLLL THE TEA.” “This is all about my personal life, my challenges, my beauty, my relationships, my ex-boyfriends, and so on!” “It’s going to get juicy!”

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