“only Murders in The Building” Was Filmed Where

The popular whodunit Only Murders in the Building, starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez, is back for a second season, reuniting the three as they try to solve (and podcast through) crimes in their apartment building.

Showrunner John Hoffman said the show’s return will “up the stakes for our three, who had stepped in it so badly by the end of season one, and now everything was about, ‘How do we even begin to deal with this situation?'” The first season ended with Gomez’s character Mabel covered in blood with what appeared to be a second murder at the Arconia.

"Only Murders In The Building" was filmed where

At the Los Angeles debut of the show on Monday, Hoffman said, “I think there should be a bewildering number of things coming at them that makes it extremely scary at first, and I think there will be a lot that is incredibly amusing.” “I think in the end it’s a show about these three individuals and the characters of New York, and breaking through your isolated little world and attempting to battle this injustice with people who are quite unexpected in your world, and [who] you might find yourself fighting for,” says the author.

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Hoffman says his team “got lots” of feedback from the murder podcast community, which emphasized the importance for the writers to make the story “a real mystery — a real, twisty, true-crime thing” that would truly stump fans. The series also explores the world of true-crime podcasting, both from the trio’s show and that of their rival Cinda Canning (played by Tina Fey).

"Only Murders In The Building" was filmed where

Amy Schumer and Shirley MacLaine have been added to the show’s roster of illustrious guest performers for season two, according to Hoffman, who called his three stars “great magnets for tremendously talented individuals.” As a love interest for Gomez’s character, Cara Delevingne joins the cast as well.

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Hoffman praised the program’s LGBTQ representation in season two, saying, “I think in general it’s a very modern show and a very modern character in Mabel Mora.” The show is about “opening up any storylines into exciting new viewpoints, characters developing themselves, and finding fantastic connections in unexpected places.”

"Only Murders In The Building" was filmed where

The second season of OMITB was filmed at the Belnord Apartments on the Upper West Side, which serves as the Arconia in the show, and was the subject of much more fanfare after the success of the first (Hulu chief Craig Erwich declared at the premiere that OMITB is the streamer’s most-watched comedy ever).

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Hoffman described the throngs of people surrounding the building during shooting as “wonderful, that was a new thing.” “In season one, when nobody knew who we were, we were very covert, subdued, and understated. So it was amazing to watch New York come to life around the event and the Arconia the way they have. In terms of our shared affection for the program, we all experienced that, and that was extremely important.

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