Prosopagnosia: Brad Pitt’s ‘Face Blindness’ Disorder,And How It Affects Him

This is Brad Pitt’s story about his battle with a rare ailment known as “facial blindness,” in which he admits that “no one believes” him when he speaks about it. His diagnosis is prosopagnosia, an inability to recognize faces that usually plague a person for most or all of their life, he believes.

Many persons with the illness are unable to recognize family members, lovers, or friends and must rely on other methods of identifying people, such as recalling how they move, their haircut, their voice, or their attire.

It’s a condition that Brad has long felt himself to be suffering from and admittedly worries that it’s made him appear distant or cold to people.

Prosopagnosia: Brad Pitt's 'Face Blindness' Disorder, and How It Affects Him

‘Nobody believes me!’ he said in an interview with GQ magazine. To meet another [person with the prosopagnosia], I’d like to do that.’Many people dislike me because they think I’m demeaning them,’ he told Esquire magazine in 2013.

Thank you for helping me out here from time to time,’ says a grateful person. However, I’ve pissed off more people.’Continued by saying: “Yeah you get this thing.” “You’re being conceited. Your arrogance is showing.” But I’m baffled by that, guy.

‘I can’t understand a face, but I’m a design/aesthetic person,’ he says. “I’m going to have it checked out.” According to a study conducted in 2017, youngsters who were born underweight are less adept at remembering faces as they grow older.

Scientists believe that a child’s brain development, particularly in areas dealing with visual information, is hampered when he or she is born underweight.

Face blindness affects about 2.5 percent of the population, with Stephen Fry and Patricia Hewitt among those who have claimed to have the condition.

After his five-year marriage to actress Angelina Jolie ended in divorce, Brad pitied the human race in an interview with GQ magazine. His newfound enthusiasm is tempered by a belief that we all go through heartbreak at some point in our lives,” the actor said in an interview.

Prosopagnosia: Brad Pitt's 'Face Blindness' Disorder, and How It Affects Him

This is Brad Pitt’s story about his battle I believe that all of our hearts are in the same boat, he told us. My friends and family have only recently begun to love me in a way that I never felt as alone as I did as a child or as an adult.

That statement, I’m not sure if it was Rilke or Einstein, but it was something about being able to hold both pain and joy at the same time. This was maturity, this was growth.’

Despite the overwhelming sense of loneliness, he acknowledged that his 2016 choice to give up drinking had given him a sense of belonging and friendship.

A year and a half after getting divorced, the actor committed to abstaining from all mind-altering substances by attending regular Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and adopting the group’s core principles of abstinence.

This was secure for him because he belonged to a men’s club that was both exclusive and selective. “Because I’d seen things of other individuals who had been recorded while they were emptying their guts, and that’s just horrible to me.”

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