Season 2 of The Flash’s Candice Patton Said She Was ‘Severely Unhappy’

Patton has opened up about her early days as a Flash, and it’s a fascinating read. When asked about her plans to leave the show as early as Season 2 of The Open Up Podcast, the 34-year-old actress admitted that she was “severely dissatisfied.” A year after making her internet debut as Iris West in 2014, she recalls receiving racist messages from followers.

‘I can’t do this,’ I thought at the time. I’m not going to be able to complete this course of study. The thought of being here doesn’t sit well with me,” “She described her mental state at the beginning of her stint on the show, which has aired for eight seasons already.

“Responsibility” and “backlash” from “racist” supporters” were among the challenges she faced as a Black woman in the position, she explained. And she complained about not getting any “assistance” from anyone else at work.

According to Patton in the episode: ‘It was just kind of, ‘I guess that’s what fans are like, but whatever,'” She went on to say: “And that was the way it was handled even by my employers, CW and Warner Bros.

Season 2 of The Flash's Candice Patton Said She Was 'Severely Unhappy'

This time around, I think we’ve learned our lesson. The way you treat your employees, allowing them to endure harassment and abuse, is not acceptable. However, there were no systems in place for me in 2014. No one was keeping an eye on it. To be abused on a daily basis was completely acceptable.”

She continued, “There were no social media safeguards in place to protect me; they just allowed all that information to sit there.”

Candice Patton said, “There have to be individuals in places of power who understand my experience and understand the Black experience and understand the Black female experience who can say, ‘OK, she needs protection.'”

The following is what she said: “In the real world, we are not protected,” adding, “Do you think he gives an s—- that I’m Candice Patton from The Flash??” No one cares about it anyway.”

Season 2 of The Flash's Candice Patton Said She Was 'Severely Unhappy'

“Because of the way the rest of the world perceives us, we must maintain some degree of defense. If the people surrounding me are all white, I’m not protected; there is no protection for me. Of course, none of them have malicious motives. They simply lack perspective.

In addition, they have a lot of blind areas, and this can potentially injure me. Corporations and productions, I’m sure, have benefited from the experience “That’s what she remarked.

In addition to the lack of protection, the actress alleged that she was not treated the same as her non-Black co-stars. She said on the show that she was not initially followed by the official Instagram account of Flash.

‘Do you think you could get The Flash account to follow me,’ I asked my publicist,’ I recall.'” she replied. “Back when I was interested in that s—- and wanted to be part of the group.”

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