The Estranged Wife of Steve Burton Has Given Birth to Three Children: Makena, Jack, and Brooklyn

Being a dad is the best job in the world! His ex-wife Sheree Burton (née Gustin) is now expecting their fourth child, and Steve Burton is the father of all three. In spite of Steve’s claims to the contrary, he insists that the child isn’t his. His children Makena, Jack, and Brooklyn are all featured in this article.

Is Steve Burton and Sheree Burton a family of any kind. They had a daughter named Makena in 2003, the first of many children for Steve and Sheree. When his firstborn turned 18 in September 2021, the former soap opera actor came to Instagram to wish him well.

“Congratulations, Makena, on your 18th birthday. As he captioned a picture of him and his daughter, he remarked, “It’s so weird to watch 18 years go by.” Insanely happy for her and the beautiful woman she has grown into.” Superbly gifted, both on the inside and the outside.

The estranged wife of Steve Burton has given birth to three children: Makena, Jack, and Brooklyn

It’s an honor and a privilege to be her father.” Their second child, Jack, was born in 2006 to Steve and Sheree. In January 2022, the General Hospital alum shared a selfie of herself and Jack on Instagram, calling the kid “the finest.”

In 2014, Sheree gave birth to Brooklyn, their third child. Throughout Steve Burton (Instagram posts, the couple’s youngest child has appeared. It was back in 2020 that he said on Instagram that he and Brooklyn had been having “the finest time ever.”

How Old Was Steve Burton When He Married Sheree Burton? On the set of General Hospital, Steve and Sheree first met, and they later married in January of 1999. On what day did Sheree Burton make her fourth pregnancy announcement?

The estranged wife of Steve Burton has given birth to three children: Makena, Jack, and Brooklyn

In May of 2022, the personal trainer took to Instagram to share a snapshot of her developing baby bulge, announcing her second pregnancy. Her caption read, “Life truly is full of surprises!” according to a fan site for General Hospital.

Sheree was pictured holding her stomach in a form-fitting outfit and a leather jacket in the photograph. Do you know the exact date of their split? Soon after Sheree announced that she was expecting her fourth child with ex-husband Steve, he claimed that he was not the father.

“Sheree and I are no longer together,” I say. Her fourth child is due any day now, according to her most recent announcement. His Instagram Story on May 4 read: “The child is not mine.” “At this time, we ask for your privacy.” “We’re still co-parenting our three wonderful kids,” he continued.

He filed for divorce from Sheree on July 8 in Orange County, California. According to records obtained by In Touch, he stated “irreconcilable issues” as the basis for the breakup and placed their initial separation date as March 1. Sheree hasn’t said anything about her fourth child’s father yet.

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