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The “Excuse” Bethenny Frankel Gave For Leaving “Real Housewives Of New York”

the "excuse" Bethenny Frankel gave for leaving "Real Housewives of New York"

She’s spouting business wisdom on TikTok. First lesson: how to get out of a contract using a technicality. It’s how she was able to say her final goodbyes to The Real Housewives of New York City for the first time ever.

As part of her TikTok “business is personal” series, the 51-year-old entrepreneur revealed her confession on camera. What’s the point of this tale? When asked about her exit from the long-running Bravo reality series, Frankel was forthright.

When she quit the Housewives, “many felt I went because of money,” she stated. “The only reason I would have stayed in is for the money. When I decided to leave, I did so purely out of self-preservation. “I was all set to depart.’ When Rhony premiered in 2008, Frankel was a cast member, but she left after three seasons in 2011.

When she returned a few years later for Season 7 in 2015, she was gone by Season 11 in 2019. There had been reports that contract negotiations had broken down and that the parties involved had been unable to come to an agreement. Actually, there was a slant to that.

Frankel said he had an excuse based on technicality. My heart was heavy because I’d recently lost someone dear to me, so I went to work right away when the concert resumed.” It was the last thing I wanted to do. When professionals play, they inflict pain on their opponents.

I’m an expert in my field. I am always on time. That’s what I’m here for. That’s how I’m known in the corporate world. A new term was added to the contract as a result of Housewives in various cities refusing to film since they didn’t get along with the other cast members. “As a result of their decision not to film, the show suffers.”

In the same way that the Bethenny clause, named after me, had to be included in all contracts, this new point specified that if you don’t appear in an episode, you won’t get paid for it, which makes sense. As far as I’m aware, the production company has stated that “We’d never air an episode without you.”

They came right out and said it to me. I’ve got all the paperwork to prove it. I already knew I was a professional, and I wouldn’t miss a day of work for anything.

For those who are curious, the “Bethenny clause” is a reference to an agreement she signed that stipulated that Bravo would earn a cut of any business she advertised on the show. When she declined to sign, the contract was changed to reflect that she owns anything she does or promotes throughout the show.

Bethenny Frankel, of course, would sell her Skinnygirl Cocktails for $120 million in 2011. A proposal in which Housewives were only paid when they participated in an episode was also rejected by Frankel this time around.

The answer is no.” It’s because other cities’ Housewives weren’t shooting, which is how the phrase came to be. Frankel explains, “They just opted not to film.”. Just my excuse, of course.

“We would have modified it and so forth,” the powers that be said. Even the smallest details matter. And I’m not a liar. And all I was doing was looking for an explanation, and here it was.

“That’s a tiny business tidbit about the fact that I knew that I’d shown up for work every single day when I suffered a huge loss, so surely I’m going to show up for work every day under any condition,” she continued.

“There is nothing more extreme than that. An inconsequential fact that would never have occurred had been the driving force behind the decision. As a result of this event, “Boom! Not going back.”

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