The Family Chantel’s Karen Everett Appears to Criticize Pedro Jimeno For ‘Mistreating’ Chantel

Motherly instincts kicked in and saved the day. The Family’s Karen Everett, the former 90 Day Fiancé celebrity who gave birth to Chantel Jimeno (née Everett), appears to have lashed out at her son-in-law Pedro Jimeno for allegedly “mistreating” her daughter, Chantel.

“THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!” It’s time to get together with fellow parents. As long as you have breath in your body, never allow anyone to mistreat or run a rough shot over your children! The blessings of God be with you,” Instagram user Karen Everett, the 55-year-old wife of Thomas Everett, captioned a selfie of the two of them on Monday, July 12th.

On July 12, she posted a message on Instagram only hours after the premiere of her family’s TLC reality show The Family Chantel. In one scene, Karen learns that Chantel, 31, had gotten into an argument with her husband Pedro and ended up sleeping at her brother River’s apartment.

The Family Chantel's Karen Everett Appears to Criticize Pedro Jimeno for 'Mistreating' Chantel

For the sake of defusing tensions and offering the newlyweds guidance on how to work through their problems, Karen Everett, and her 23-year-old son River traveled to Pedro and Chantel’s newly-purchased home.

You know that Pedro might get his little ass kicked if I learn that he is abusing Chantel. Karen confessed in front of her husband and Chantel’s father in a joint confessional they had all made. “That’s correct,” Thomas responded.

As soon as Karen arrived home, she inquired as to the cause of Pedro’s altercation with Chantel. During their argument, Pedro said that Chantel was “lazy” and he had to “push” her to clean their new house.

For the first five years of their partnership, Pedro agreed to look after the household tasks while Chantel was away at school pursuing her nursing degree. Being a real estate agent and a nurse, Pedro felt that Chantel should pitch in more around the house now that both of them work full-time.

The Family Chantel's Karen Everett Appears to Criticize Pedro Jimeno for 'Mistreating' Chantel

He was right! Karen advised that Pedro and Chantel hire a housekeeper if they couldn’t agree on how to divide the cooking and cleaning duties.

After learning that her mother had intervened in her marital difficulties with Pedro in another scenario, Chantel was enraged.

She told her mother, “Let me tell you a little secret.” Even though you are sincere, you are not allowed to visit my home and chat with my spouse about our connection.

“I don’t want you involved,” she said. “It crosses the line,” he says. Chantel and Pedro’s marital difficulties are on display for all to see on television, but it appears that they were unable to resolve their differences. According to In Touch, Pedro and Chantel broke up in May after Pedro filed for divorce.

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