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These 12 Makeup Looks by Halsey Are Genuine Works of Art

These 12 makeup looks by Halsey are genuine works of art

Halsey charmed music lovers in their early career with songs like “Gasoline” and “Bad At Love.” They are more than just a well-known vocalist, though. In addition to being a musician, they are also open beauty fanatics, a mother, and an entrepreneur (just check out their IG if you need proof). In fact, the multi-hyphenate launched the makeup line About-Face at the start of 2021, and it has since been a mainstay in the beauty sector, beloved by customers for its eye-catching hues and entertaining array of products. It only seems sense, then, to look at Halsey’s most recognizable makeup looks.

Halsey undoubtedly has a variety of DIY glam skills, but they seem to adore using eye makeup the most as they routinely don unusual lines, shadows, and paints. And they’re not (at all) afraid to play around with color, frequently fusing various hues to create stunning rainbow effects or a fresh, original tint.

There is no way to include all of Halsey’s most iconic makeup looks in one list, but this collection pays homage to the most well-known and greatest, including icy blue eyelashes, and rhinestones that were inspired by the year 2000, multi-winged eyeliner, and brilliant lip colors. If you need a refresher or just want to revisit the greatest hits, grab a notebook and paper and your cosmetics bag, then scroll on for 12 of Halsey’s best beauty looks.

Blue Glacial Eyelids

Halsey has an icy blue eyeshadow on her lids. They have the best possible examples of the peak of the late ’90s and early ’00s cosmetics, including sharply lined lips, jet-black eyeliner, and frosty periwinkle eyeshadow. Is Pam Anderson there?

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Luminous Lips

Singer Halsey Wears a Bright Fuchsia Lip Colour to The Museum of Modern Art’s 8th Annual Film Benefit in New York City. Halsey Kept Her Bold Lip Colour Subtle but Yet Striking in 2015 as She Attended a Gathering in New York City. but Don’t Ignore Their Similarly Stylish, Retro-Inspired Finger Wave Haircut.

Rhodium-Based Tears

In the Year 2000, Halsey Used Eye Makeup with Rhinestones. This Metallic Pinkish-Purple Makeup Look with Rhinestones Down the Bottom Lashline Is Another Y2 K Beauty Trend.

Steely Cat Eye

Halsey Sports Sparkling Pink Eyeshadow. Halsey Matched Their Pout to The Hue of Their Dazzling, Wine-Colored Cat Eye in This Instagram Photo.

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A Bird with Several Wings

Singer Halsey Is Sporting a Lot of Black Eyelashes at The Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2022. Halsey’s Eyeliner Makeup at The Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2022 Gave Euphoria-Chic a Lot of Wings.

Glam with 1960s Inspiration

Halsey in 1960s Psychedelic Blue Glam. Halsey Used About-Face Products to Paint Their Eyes Two Stunning Shades of Blue, Which when Paired with Their Perfectly Defined Lower Lashes, Give Off Mod ’60s Vibes.

Bright Lids

Halsey Is Dressed to The American Music Awards in Vibrant Mermaid Makeup. Halsey Looked Like a Real-Life Fairytale as She Walked the Red Carpet at The 2019 American Music Awards While Sporting a Gorgeous, Mermaid-Inspired Beauty Look.

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Halsey’s Technicolour Eye Makeup Is Unmistakable. With Swirls of Yellow, Green, White, and Orange Along Their Eyelids, This Is a Truly Creative Rendition of Eyeshadow Wings.

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