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This Cute Caption from Dax Shepard On Kristen Bell Says It All: “I Am Sexually Attracted to Her”

This cute caption from Dax Shepard on Kristen Bell says it all: "I am sexually attracted to her"

In a new Instagram post, Dax Shepard professes his devotion to his wife. Actor Matthew Shepard, 47, shared a picture of him and his wife, Kristen Bell, on a European vacation, but it was the message that revealed Shepard’s feelings for the woman he has been married to for nearly a decade.

“Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement! I’m smitten with my partner’s sexual appeal “In the original German, Shepard wrote the following:

Bell then shared a photo of the two of them with matching purple color jobs. No surprise from Shepard, as both he and the Veronica Mars actress have been extremely upfront about their love life. The candid caption

A few weeks ago, Bell discussed her marriage on CBS Mornings, saying that she and her husband are “polar opposites” in terms of personality.

There has been an effort to establish a middle ground between their vastly differing personalities, according to Bell. “A recipe is not delicious with only one ingredient,” she said.

Dax Shepard and I are polar opposites, and the solution is always in the middle,” she said to the three hosts. “You need a variety of perspectives.”

The Honey and the Hammer, their new podcast, will provide listeners with an inside look at the dialogues between Shephard and her in their bed.

It’s hard to be human, she remarked. “We’re always talking about that.” Everyone has a different perspective, which makes it difficult to get along at times. In Bell’s telling, Shepard placed a microphone on their bedside table while they were chatting in the evening. They are now taking questions from Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast audience and answering them jointly.

As she put it, “Our purpose is to let people vent and then urge them to say, ‘Ok what do you think your side of the street is?” Bell released the newest in her “My Purple World” series of children’s books last month, so the couple’s purple hair isn’t too out of character.

In the books she and Benjamin Hart co-write, Bell says, “A lot of different brands are working on kindness with kids,” “For some reason, we wanted to be even more explicit. In such a case, what would be the point?

Some of ours include: having fun, working hard, asking excellent questions (both large and small), speaking out but also listening, and just being authentically yourself. Often, we’ll say something like “You are all we have.”

Kristen Bell and Hart’s debut book, The World Needs More Purple People, presented the concept of a Purple Person, a person who accepts their uniqueness and seeks common ground with others.

In other words, a person who can see beyond the colors red and blue in order to become purple. The World Needs More Purple Schools, Bell’s follow-up is a sequel, he claims “It’s the inevitable next step.

It’s a huge love letter to the educators who have dealt with so much on the front lines over the past two years “She elaborated on the subject. For more information on Shepard and Bell, please watch the video below.

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