Wendy Williams Opens Up About Her Final Episode of Her Show and Her Future Plans

Wendy Williams has huge ambitions for the future. In recent days, Wendy Williams, the former presenter of The Wendy Williams Show, has spoken out on the series finale and what she plans to do with her time now that her long-running show has ended.

I can do everything I want or nothing at all,” Williams stated in an interview with Page Six on Tuesday. A podcast and a restaurant area are at the top of my list of career goals.

According to Williams, she is eager to produce a podcast because she “can’t wait to meet people, including Donald Trump!”

‘Wendy Williams Show’ will earn more money than my podcast, she said, referring to her upcoming show. Apart from a podcast and a possible restaurant, Williams said she’d like to spend more time with a potential love partner and get to know them better as well.

Wendy Williams Opens Up About Her Final Episode of Her Show and Her Future Plans

“It would be wonderful if I could experience love at first sight. I’d like to have sex with a man “Williams made his feelings clear. “A lot of 57-year-old women don’t care about sex. Please pardon my indiscretion. In my opinion, I’m the best looking. Can you f**k me please?”

“I sat in my apartment and I watched it,” Wendy Williams said of the show’s controversial finale, before making a sound of disdain and consternation.

When asked about the finale, Williams replied, “In my opinion, they should have done it with [The Wendy Williams Show cast and crew] not these other folks.”

Actually, she had no role in the finale and claims that producers did not even ask her to film anything for the final episode.

Since no one asked for it, Williams stated: “I did not do it.” The 57-year-old media celebrity “is OK with everything that has happened up until this point with the show,” a source told ET late last month.

Wendy Williams Opens Up About Her Final Episode of Her Show and Her Future Plans

Also, according to a source, Williams is “very pleased and focused on new beginnings and being in the most beautiful situation in life.”

The insider told ET that Williams “knows that, right now, she doesn’t have to work another day in her life if she doesn’t desire to,” which explains why she believes she is in the best possible situation.

“Williams anticipates starting new chapters in her life by delving into new business endeavors, investing, continuing her health journey, her family, and other big deals that come in daily,” a source said, adding that the former talk show host “wants to fall in love and knows that’s exactly what she deserves after dedicating 37 years of her life to radio and television.”

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