When Will Beyoncé Renaissance Be Released in 2022? ?

Beyonce has finally announced a release date for her upcoming album, “Renaissance,” with pre-save and pre-buy options, on July 29.

It will be Beyonce Knowles’ first release of brand-new solo music since her sixth solo album, “Lemonade,” which was unexpectedly released in 2016. Although the secondary title, “act I implies it’s a part of a larger, or multi-part project, “Renaissance” will be her eighth.

When will Beyoncé Renaissance be released in 2022? ?

Less than two weeks previously, when Knowles deleted all of her social media accounts, hinting at an impending announcement, the “will she or won’t she” speculation began. Then, on June 15, the singer’s Bey Go Od Foundation tweeted a message in honor of Black Music Month, displaying an image of classic records and adding the caption: “Celebrating the brilliance and creativity of Black Musicians who have inspired the world via their art.”

When will Beyoncé Renaissance be released in 2022? ?

The bottom right album appeared to be a reference to Brandy’s “B7” album, which was published in 2020, but it didn’t take long for the Beyhive to make the connection and realize that Bey’s seventh album was on the way.

She has been releasing music under her own Parkwood label since 2011’s “4” in collaboration with Columbia Records, the singer’s longstanding home since the Destiny’s Child era. With 28 Grammy Awards and 79 nominations to her name, she is one of the largest multi-hyphenate celebrities on the planet and is not precisely constrained by the release schedule of a record label.

When will Beyoncé Renaissance be released in 2022? ?

Beyonce has sold more than 18 million albums as a solo artist in the United States, more than 60 million digital tracks, and has an airplay audience of more than 60 billion, according to data from Luminate. According to Luminate, “Lemonade” sold 3.6 million tracks- and song-equivalent CDs in the U.S.

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