Who Is in The Cast of Southern Charm Season 8?

There is no end to the hits! In particular, when it comes to the status of Naomie Olindo and Craig Conover’s relationship, the cast of Southern Charm isn’t letting their traditional southern upbringings stand in the way of them speaking the truth this season.

During season 8 of the show, the ex-couple, who split up in 2017 after three years of dating, has been a hot topic of discussion after confessing during the premiere that they had hooked up in Las Vegas before filming.

Who is in the cast of Southern Charm season 8?

It was revealed that Naomie, 29, and Craig, 33, had actually hooked up twice during the second episode of the season, which aired on Thursday, June 30. Craig stated that, despite their former romance, he and girlfriend Paige DeSorbo were now entirely apart.

But close friend Austen Kroll didn’t think the author of Pillow Talk and the French woman had really ended their relationship. At her “new start” celebration, he challenged Naomie for information, and it didn’t go well. “You definitely experienced a brief reunion, in my opinion. The 35-year-old proprietor of King’s Calling Brewing Co. enquired, “Weren’t y’all hanging out in Charleston?” Naomie replied, “Yeah, we hung out a week.”

Craig was then blamed by Austen for portraying Naomie as “clingy” and not over him when they discussed their brief liaison. In the summer of 2021, after she split up with Metul Shah, Naomie claimed she didn’t believe Austen, but she later confronted Craig about his supposed remarks about what had allegedly occurred between them.

“I mean, what upset me so badly is you implied [to Austen] that I was your ex for a reason because it just wasn’t fun,” Naomie started to Craig. Craig said, “I never said anything… Our experience was wonderful. Greatness abounds.

Who is in the cast of Southern Charm season 8?

Olivia Flowers, Austen’s girlfriend, discovered that she was creating enemies at the same time he was attempting to break up Naomie and Craig’s burgeoning bond. When she complained that Naomie and her friend Venita Aspen hadn’t made an effort to speak with Kathryn Dennis at her Great Gatsby celebration earlier that month, the season 8 newcomer caused issues at Naomie’s party.

Olivia, 30, claimed during her confessional interview that she would defend anyone who wasn’t at a party and was being talked about in this way. “If I weren’t at a party, I’d expect someone would take care of that for me. I approached it from that perspective. With Regina George and the other girls, it was difficult to read.

For a recap of the drama from Southern Charm season 8, episode 2, continue reading below: At 9:00 p.m. ET on Thursdays, Southern Charm is broadcast on Bravo. In response to Chelb Ravennell’s separation, Craig Conover claims that Kathryn Dennis might be “combustible” in relationships. Kathryn Is Accused By Chleb

Who is in the cast of Southern Charm season 8?

Things were tense between the couple after their disagreement at Kathryn’s Great Gatsby celebration in the season 8 debut. While speaking with Venita at the party about their breakup, Kathryn expressed to her then-boyfriend Chleb Ravenell that she felt that he was “on her team and not my team,” which is what she had said to him earlier.

The former football player immediately stated that his and Kathryn’s communication styles are completely dissimilar. He defended himself by saying, “I feel like you don’t like a lot of people and that’s not how I roll.” Is Kathryn a problem? is a question you can put to all of your pals. A problem exists because of you.

The couple’s problems were later discussed by Chleb in an open conversation with his mother, who heard him say, “All hell broke loose when we moved in together. It’s Mrs. Petty. She makes an effort to rob my family and you of my time. She probably doesn’t comprehend that all I’ve been trying to do is support and encourage her.

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