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Wwe Star Rhea Ripley Was Hit in The Head with A Knee by Accident, Resulting in A Brain Injury

WWE star Rhea Ripley was hit in the head with a knee by accident, resulting in a brain injury.

The battle between Ripley and Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Championship at the show has been postponed owing to Ripley’s injury. As a result of Carmella’s return to television and subsequent win in this week’s title match, Belair will now face her opponent on the show. Fans were looking forward to seeing two of the women’s division’s top talents share the ring in a major pay-per-view title bout, so the news is undoubtedly a disappointment for WWE.

Ripley has disclosed the type of damage she sustained, and to be quite honest, it’s extremely concerning. This will be another blow to WWE. The former NXT Women’s Champion responded to a fan on Instagram who said that Rhea didn’t appear to be seriously hurt by saying that she is currently battling with both dental and brain damage. On the WWE Raw broadcast on June 4—the one where Rhea and Bianca won the title match—the injury occurred.

In a four-way bout, Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss attempted to double-team Rhea, but the strategy backfired. As you can see in the picture below, Rhea suffered a head and teeth injury when her knee struck the bottom rope and returned to strike her face. It is said that there isn’t much to be surprised about given that the scene appeared to be so brutal. Rhea is currently out of commission.

WWE fans are hopeful that Ripley will be well and fit soon, and it appears that may be the case. Rhea’s injury isn’t too bad, according to Dave Meltzer, who also revealed that there is optimism that she will be able to make a quick recovery on the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio.


With Rhea being someone that higher-ups are obviously seeking to elevate, the news will undoubtedly be music to the ears of WWE and its fans. It’s important to note that although Ripley is anticipated to return soon, which is once again wonderful news, there is no set date for when WWE hopes to have her back.

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