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Full form of BIS: Bureau of Indian Standards

bis full form

The complete name of BIS is the Bureau of Indian Standards. Parliamentary legislation passed on November 26, 1986, created BIS, and it was constituted on April 1, 1987. What will replace the Indian Standard Institution (ISI)? The Indian Standards Organization (ISO) is the nation’s national standards body and is in charge of creating and enforcing national standards, overseeing certification programs, managing testing facilities, fostering consumer awareness, and fostering close relationships with foreign standards organizations. At the BIS Headquarters’ Grievance Cell, a customer who has a complaint about the quality of a BIS-certified product receives a response from the BIS.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is based in New Delhi and has 20 branch offices to cover the entire nation. It also has five regional offices. after Pramod Kumar Tiwari was chosen to serve as the Director-General of BIS in 2020. It functions as a part of India’s Ministry of Food and Public Distribution.

The federal, state, commercial, academic, and consumer groups are represented on the board of directors, along with individuals. BIS has been a member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) since its founding (ISO). These international organizations, it represents India as an agent of ISO, IEC, and the World Standards Service Network (WSSN).

More Well-Known Bis in Its Entirety

According to how frequently BIS is used in various categories, some of the most common Full forms of BIS are mentioned below.

Every one of the is only utilized when appropriate and is in the table. The phrase is usually translated as “Bureau of Indian Standards.”

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