Boost Mobile Review: 5 Things To Know Before You Sign Up

If you’re trying to cut costs on your monthly wireless service, Boost Mobile is an option to investigate. In this article, I’ll discuss Boost Mobile’s plans and pricing, as well as the sign-up process and what to anticipate from the service if you do sign up.

To evaluate Boost Mobile, I used it for 30 days. I’ve researched and analysed over 70 other carriers and plan options to find out how Boost Mobile measures up.

How to Get the Most out Of Your Boost Mobile Plan

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Boost Mobile is a prepaid mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides service nationwide. Its services are compatible with both T-Mobile and AT&T’s mobile data networks. Location, device, and service package all play a role in determining which network you’ll be connected to.

Some of the most affordable plans can be found at Boost Mobile, such as the annual plan that costs only $8.33 each month. But not every phone is compatible with these reduced rate packages. Be aware that there is a one-time $25 activation cost if you bring your own phone, which isn’t mentioned anywhere on the website.

You should check with a Boost Mobile store associate about your phone’s compatibility with the plan you’re interested in buying into before making any purchases, including ordering a SIM card or new device. The online purchase of a Boost SIM card is not recommended under any circumstances. In the following paragraphs, I describe my first-hand experience and explain why you should initiate service at a physical location.

I gave Boost Mobile a try for 30 days to get a feel for their service area, quality of calls and texts, responsiveness of customer support agents, and other features.

Learn more about Boost Cell, including the plans it offers, the quality of its service, and whether or not you should consider it as your mobile provider, below.

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Options and Costs

With Boost Mobile, you may choose from 10 different prepaid plans, each with its own set of benefits and price. While Boost Mobile’s monthly plans are the most affordable option, you also have the option of prepaying for 3, 6, or 12 months.

You can view the various Boost Mobile plans currently available, along with their associated monthly costs and data caps, down below. The plan duration and the yearly and monthly costs will also be displayed.

The Activation Procedure

In the past year, I’ve been trying out different MVNOs, and up until Boost Mobile, I was able to sign up for each service independently via their own online registration processes with no hitches. As for me, I did not enjoy using Boost Mobile as much as others.

If you do decide to switch to Boost Mobile, I strongly advise you to activate your phone at a Boost Mobile store rather than ordering a SIM card online.

At first, I thought it would be easy to acquire a Boost Mobile SIM card online; however, after experiencing a few hiccups along the way, I decided to advise against doing so.

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Or, You Could Just Go to A Boost Mobile Store, Right?

boost mobile phones

If you want to avoid SIM card compatibility and activation problems, I suggest going to a Boost Mobile store in person instead of obtaining your SIM card online.

If you go to the Boost Mobile website and enter your city, state, or ZIP code, you may locate the store closest to you. It took the salesperson at the Boost Mobile store near me around 30 minutes to get me all set up after I got there.

Since I was using my own phone, I researched my options and found that the $25/month 5GB plan was the most cost-effective for me. When it came time to pay for the first month, I learned that there was an additional $25 activation cost for using my own device, increasing the total for the first 30 days to $50.

Although the sales associate did double-check that my phone was receiving service while I was in the store, she neglected to check my cellular data. I went home to find that my data wasn’t working, but luckily I’d received a text message with a link to complete the activation and turn on mobile data.

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