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How to Hide Snap Score from Friends

can you hide your snap score

Snapchat is a photo messaging and story-telling programme that lets its users share photos and videos instantly with friends and followers. It’s very similar to recording a live CD and then sharing it with loved ones. Snaps can be taken with Snapchat’s live camera and can include both still images and short videos.

This picture can be sent straight to a buddy you’ve added to your profile with just a click. It also has a tonne of interesting filters that you can apply to photos and videos to make them more expressive. Your snap score is shown on your profile next to your Snapchat username and is viewable by your friends and followers.

There is currently no official way to keep your Snap score hidden from the general public or even your friends. However, there are other options you can pursue to cover your Snap rating. If you want to keep your Snap rating private from friends and acquaintances, iStaunch has several guides to help you out. It sounds fine, right? Okay, so let’s begin.

For Starters, Let’s Define “Snap Score.”

In Snapchat, your “Snap” score is the sum of all the snaps you have ever sent or received. If you send a friend a snap, you both get points. To a similar extent, your total increases with each photo your friends send you. If you keep improving your score over the course of several days, you will begin a snap streak.

Members of your network that you have invited to view your profile can see your score. Snapchat users who are not added to your friends’ list cannot see your score, but those who are can see it if they browse your profile.

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Have You Considered Hiding Your Snap Rating?

Snap scores are public and can be seen by anyone, including friends and strangers. To prevent someone from viewing your snap score, you can either stop adding them as a friend or block them from accessing your account. This is due to the fact that viewing a user’s score requires both users to add each other as friends.

For whatever reason you may have, whether it’s business or personal, if you want to hide your Snapchat score, that’s the friend you’ll have to block or remove today.

To keep your Snapchat score private, you’ll need to either block or unfriend the person in question. The coolest part is that you can now block someone on Snapchat secretly and unfriend them from the app without them even realizing it. There’s no need to stress if you have no idea how to accomplish that. Here, we’ll walk you through the process of removing someone from your contacts or permanently blocking them on Snapchat.

Keep Your Snapchat Rating a Secret from Your PalsLaunch Snapchat, then select the profile icon.
Find the link labelled “My Friends” and click it.
You must enable the feature that lets strangers send you snaps even if they aren’t added as friends on your profile if you want to keep receiving them.

Using the app’s settings and selecting the privacy tab, you can enable snaps to be sent to you by individuals who are not your friends. Then, any Snapchat user can send you a photo or video.

Consequently, your pals won’t be considered Snap friends, but they can still send you photos. They will no longer contribute toward your Snap score, as only those sent by friends are considered.

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A Few Closing Remarks

I’m hoping that, after reading this essay, you guys will feel more confident about hiding your Snapchat rating. Just post a question or remark below if you need clarification.

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