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FakeSpot Alternatives In 2022: Check Out The Updated List!

FakeSpot Alternatives In 2022: Check Out The Updated List!

Fakespot is marketed as software that “allows you to easily and rapidly evaluate Amazon and Yelp product reviews,” which “helps knowledgeable purchasers make informed decisions.”

There are four alternatives to Fakespot available for various platforms, including online/web-based, SaaS, Chrome OS, Firefox, and Google Chrome. is the best free alternative. For Google My Business, TheReviewIndex, Revioly, and GMBToolBox are three fantastic substitutes for Fakespot.

Price comparison services and review websites are two common alternatives to Fakespot. You can filter by these if you want a more specialised list of options or if you’re seeking for a specific Fakespot feature.

Best Alternatives to Fakespot


ReviewMeta is an Amazon-only analyzer that makes rating reviews straightforward. There are several similarities between Fakespot and ReviewMeta. It allows for the copying and pasting of a page’s URL. This technique eliminates reviews that it deems unreliable rather than giving the page a grade. Then ReviewMeta replaces Amazon’s overall rating with its own.

Additionally, ReviewMeta offers the option to change its algorithm. You can change the weighting of the categories in the grading mechanics after the computer has finished analyzing a webpage. This tool also offers a thorough analysis that includes graphs to show the factors affecting the adjusted scores.

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Fakespot can be replaced by TheReviewIndex. TheReviewIndex specialises in gathering Steam and Amazon tech reviews. Even better, the system can tell whether fake reviews have an impact on a product’s ranking.

Using this tool, you may also put the URL onto the platform. The platform then categorizes the goods based on the terms examined from the assessments. In order to assess the legitimacy of the reviews, TheReviewIndex also conducts a spam analysis and assigns a grade.


Millions of wallet labels are added to on-chain data by Nansen, a blockchain analytics tool, to enhance it. Crypto investors may use Nansen to uncover opportunities, do due diligence, and protect their fund thanks to our real-time dashboards and notifications.

Home Blockchain Registry

By requesting a validated NFT of their home through BHR, homeowners have access to a long-lasting, transferrable historical record of their residence. Thanks to partnerships with companies across the real estate sector, every home record is updated with fresh data.

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Metadate scans through all of a product’s Amazon reviews to generate a summary report. You can now shop on Amazon knowing more about the company.

Company for Transparency

We developed a free tool to see if a business has fake positive Google Maps ratings. You have a choice between using the Chrome Extension or visiting our website. We have scanned over 100,000 Google listings in the USA, and by 2022, we will have scanned over one million listings worldwide.

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NFTs utilizing MakeMyNFT Membership

Start your membership-focused utility collection without any code. Create smart contracts, holder administrator portals, and minting sites with minimal technical expertise. You may bring your membership or utility NFT collecting ideas to life with MakeMyNFT.

The Google My Business Toolbox

a selection of enhancements that will make it easier for marketers and small business owners to manage their marketing, client feedback, and business listings on the GMB (Google My Business) platform.

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