Fetch Rewards: Things You Need to Know to Get Free Gift Cards

Do you wish to receive benefits simply for purchasing goods? With Fetch Rewards, you can accomplish just that: With this shopping software, you can earn free gift cards to popular stores just by making your usual purchases.

Among the several shop-and-earn applications I’ve tried, Fetch is by far the simplest to use. I’ve been using it for well over a year. In this piece, I will explain how to utilize Fetch in detail to accumulate points and eventually cash them in for prizes.

Fetch Rewards: Five Key Facts

fetch rewards

Fetch Rewards is an alternative reward program that does not require users to clip digital coupons before shopping in order to earn prizes; instead, users simply scan receipts to earn rewards.

See below for information on how to join, how to get the most points possible, and how to cash in your points for free merchandise.

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Exactly What Is Fetch Rewards?

With the free Fetch Rewards app, you can earn points by scanning receipts from your recent purchases. Those points can be exchanged for various gift cards.

Receipts from a wide variety of retailers are welcome at Fetch. It’s guaranteed that you’ll get five points for every scan that qualifies.

Some brands and goods may be highlighted in the app at any given time, making them eligible for bonus points when purchased. One of the Fetch Rewards’ best features is that it requires zero strategic forethought on your part to start earning.

Instead of chasing points, you should always look for the best price. The app will take care of everything after you go shopping as usual.

If you collect enough points, you can exchange them for merchandise. It’s common practice to convert 1,000 points to $1.

The Fetch Rewards Guide

Now that you know what features Fetch offers, let’s talk about how to make the most of them.

Grab the Fetch Rewards App Now!

The app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. Launch it and sign up for an account. You may sign in with your existing Google or Facebook account, or create a new account with your email address and a password.

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Money-Making Advice

To help you make the most of your Fetch Rewards points, we’ve highlighted a few essential features and products for you to explore.

Product and Brand Highlights

Every time you shop, you can earn bonus points from a changing selection of brands and products featured on Fetch. But don’t forget to browse around, since you don’t want to pay more for an item only to rack up points.

Presenting: Limited-Time Presents

Fetch’s Discover page is where you’ll find time-sensitive offers for extra rewards after making a purchase or completing an action. Though there is usually a deadline attached, specials might appear at any moment.

Financial Relationships

It’s simple to redeem qualified eReceipts when you link your Amazon and email accounts. For qualifying purchases, Fetch will pull in-app receipts from linked accounts.

For Fetch to scour your linked accounts for updated receipts, you’ll need to click the blue “E” icon on the Discover or Activity page’s footer each time.

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Is It Honest to Believe that Fetch Reward Exists?

fetch rewards

My experience with Fetch Rewards has been positive; they are a legitimate business that offers actual gift cards in exchange for the points you earn by scanning your receipts at no cost to you.

  • Please be aware that if your Fetch account is dormant for 90 days, any unused Fetch points will be deleted.
  • There are a few things you may do to safeguard yourself if you’re concerned about safety:
  • Do not use a preexisting account like Facebook or Google, but instead make a whole new one.
  • Establish a one-of-a-kind passphrase.
  • Please do not link your Amazon or email accounts.
  • Last Words

Fetch Reward is an excellent tool to use if you want to earn free gift cards without putting in a lot of extra effort. If you use an app like Fetch or Ibotta, uploading your receipts will increase your earnings and savings.

Fetch’s restricted point system (gift cards only) is a major drawback. You can’t get cashback in exchange for points.

There’s no need to organize or clip coupons to use Fetch Rewards. It’s as simple as going shopping and scanning your receipt. Because of this, it is a viable choice for those seeking benefits with less effort.

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