How to Apply for Housingiskey.Com Application California?

The California Covid-19 rent relief program assists landlords and renters in paying their rents and utilities in full. Tenant eviction is a current concern for many people in these times, and the government has launched this scheme to prevent it.

Tenants who are about to be evicted are prioritized above those who still have some time. Unpaid rents would be covered beginning April 1, 2020. Tenants can also ask for one-year utility bills.

How Does One Apply for Housing in California?


You will largely be asked to explain why you are submitting California rent relief application 2021. To apply for a house key loan, follow the procedures below.

From the website, navigate to the application portal. Click the Apply now button beside to the CA Covid-19 relief form. The tab also includes a phone number, 833-430-2122, that you can readily call.

Find your address on the map to see if you qualify for a loan. The strong green color denotes places whose residents are eligible for state programs. The light green areas are eligible for local programs, whereas the brown areas can apply for both local and state programs. Then, start the application process, fill in the details, and click the Submit button.

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What Are the Application Prerequisites?

  • Tenants should have the following documents with them:
  • You must have either the 2020 tax return form or, if unemployed, 2020 W2 or 1099-G.
  • Pay stubs are currently being issued.
  • Evidence that you have participated in a state or federal government subsidized program (CalFresh or Wal WORKS).
  • If you are applying for utility bills, you must present utility and internet invoices.
  • Landlords must be able to demonstrate the following:
  • The lease agreement between tenants and landlord
  • Rent statements for unpaid balance rent beginning on April 1st.
  • W-9

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Who Can Apply for Housingiskey California?

  • You must be a California resident, but not a US citizen, to apply.
  • You must describe how the epidemic affects you.
  • Upload your monthly pay stubs.
  • How to Check the Status of Your Application
  • Call 833-430-2122 to verify the status of your Housing is Key application. Every week, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., you can make the call.

How Do I Get Housing Assistance in California?


Complete the application form. Your landlord will be contacted once the work is completed. If the landlord agrees to engage in the relief program, the funds will be transferred to their bank account. You would be assigned a case manager who would contact you to ensure that your application was completed. Once your application is granted, the State will pay your utility and rent bills directly to the landlords and utility providers.

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When Is the Application Deadline?

There is no deadline, but tenants and landlords are encouraged to apply as soon as possible because funds may run out.


If you are a landlord and your renters are unable to pay your rent, you can seek assistance from this website. If you are a renter in need of assistance, this is the place to apply. Before submitting your application, please read the thorough procedures provided here.

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