How to create a Spotify Blend playlist

In case you haven’t yet discovered Spotify’s new Blend playlist function and created the ideal playlist for you and a friend, you’re not alone in your confusion. You probably saw a prompt for it the last time you opened the app, but it may be buried in a menu somewhere. Find out how to make Blend playlists on Spotify and what features they offer below.

Exactly What Are Blend Playlists?

how to make a blend on spotify

In Spotify’s newest update, called “Blend,” two users can combine their most up-to-date music preferences to make a dynamic, ever-evolving shared playlist. Both accounts will have access to your Blend playlist, and Spotify’s personalization algorithm will regularly update the selection of music based on each user’s listening habits.
While it’s entertaining to work together to compile a playlist song by song, it’s much more convenient to have a playlist that rotates on its own.

Every time you and a buddy make a Blend playlist, you’ll get a taste match score that indicates how well your musical interests align, as well as a number of stylish infographics that you can share on social media, much like Spotify’s year-in-review Wrapped playlist.

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Blend: How To Make a Playlist on Spotify

how to make a blend on spotify

In case you haven’t noticed, Spotify’s custom playlist options seem to shift around every so often, making them a bit more elusive than usual. However, once you learn the basics, creating a Blend playlist is easy. Creating a Blend playlist isn’t immediately obvious in the Spotify app, but it is possible to access it in this way.

Open the Spotify app on your mobile device (this function is currently unavailable on desktop) and select the “Search” tab in the app’s navigation bar.

You need to look for the button labeled “Made for you” and tap on it. Its location may change from time to time based on what Spotify is advertising, but it’s usually near the top of the “Browse all” heading.

If you click on the Blend album art, a blank playlist will load. This choice is currently displayed prominently under “Made for You,” but in the future, it may be buried.

Spotify will suggest adding another user to the playlist. After selecting “Invite,” you will be directed to an external messaging service like SMS, Facebook Messenger, email, etc., as the Spotify app does not include its own messaging system.

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For your buddy to join your Blend playlist, they must open the Spotify app after clicking the link you sent them. As soon as they click “join,” a 50-song playlist based on a combination of their most recently played songs is generated automatically.

Once you and a buddy have made a Blend playlist, it will appear in your library alongside your other saved playlists. By following the aforementioned procedures, you can also access all of your Blend playlists within the “Made for you” section. Together with my significant other and a few close pals, I made a few Blend playlists that turned out extremely well.

I thought I would be familiar with every song on this playlist because my girlfriend and I have been together for seven years and we share an apartment and a car and listen to each other’s music all the time, but there were a couple that I had never heard her play before that were a pleasant surprise.

When I was in college, my roommate and I shared a love for the same bands and musicians, so we produced a Blend playlist together to reminisce about the days when our musical tastes aligned. It’s awesome that we still play Drake and Jay-Z at full volume while also playing more laid-back country and folk music.

Then I collaborated on a playlist with Sokvonny, an old coworker and buddy. We have always found common ground in Frank Ocean and office grind lo-fi electronic mixes, and we were just texting about Kanye West’s Donda release yesterday. I was surprised to hear danceable, lively electronic music from bands I had never heard of on our Blend playlist. And she found out that I’ve been sitting around listening to a mix of outlaw country and sad-sack Phoebe Bridgers songs.

Spotify doesn’t specify how it compiles these Blend playlists, but it’s not as simple as combining the most played songs from each user. On the first try, there wasn’t a single song from my side of the aisle that appeared on all three playlists, and it seems like there’s an effort to combine two users’ interests rather than simply rotating song picks from two lists.

I am hoping Spotify will make this option more prominent by removing it from the settings section. You’ll have to hand out Blend invites till then.

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