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How To Find Your Apple Watch By Pinging It From iPhone

how to ping apple watch

It’s possible to utilize the Apple Watch’s “ping” function to make your iPhone ring whenever you can’t seem to locate it. Simply tapping the “ping” icon in the watchOS Control Center will cause your iPhone to begin ringing, making it easy to locate. A hidden feature of the iPhone is the ability to “ping” an Apple Watch if you’ve misplaced it.

Apple Watch will make a pinging noise to help you locate it when you do this. If you’ve misplaced your Apple Watch and need to find it quickly, you can ping it from your iPhone. As an added bonus, it can be of assistance in cases where your Apple Watch has been misplaced, say, under the couch. Get the lowdown on streaming music to your Apple Watch from your iPhone.

Send a Ringtone to Your Watch from Your Phone

Here are the measures you can take to locate Apple Watch with iPhone. Follow these instructions to activate the ringer on your Apple Watch using your iPhone. Helps locate your misplaced Apple Watch.

As a first step, ensure that your Apple Watch is online via a WiFi connection. When you are certain of that, proceed to the next section.

Second, access the “Find My” app on your iPhone and log in with your iCloud credentials.

Step 3: Select the Apple Watch you want to play sound on from the list of your Apple devices.

After step 4, your Apple Watch and other gadgets should show up on a map together. The Watch symbol must be tapped on.

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After That, Select “play Sound” from The Menu

Your Apple Watch should begin making a pinging noise to help you locate it. Find the device, then hit the “Dismiss” button to silence the alert.

If you ever lose your Apple Watch, you can just ping it from your iPhone. Leave your thoughts in the comments area if you’re still confused about how to ping Apple Watch from your iPhone.

Use Apple Watch to Locate Your Phone

Apple Watch users can now utilize the iPhone’s “ping” capability to locate their phone if they’ve misplaced it. How it functions is as follows.

Not Possible to Ping Apple Watch from iPhone? Find out what’s wrong and how to solve it If you’re having trouble pinging your Apple Watch from your iPhone, try these easy solutions.

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One, Make Sure You’re Running the Most Recent Versions of Watch Os and I Os


Updating your Apple Watch to the most recent version of watchOS is a quick and easy solution if you are having trouble Pinging your Apple Watch with your iPhone. A software update for Apple Watch can be downloaded and installed by selecting Watch > General > Software Update in the Watch app.

Similarly, if you’re not using the most recent version of iOS on your iPhone, you may upgrade it by selecting Settings > General > Software Update. Your iPhone should now be able to ping your watch after you’ve followed these steps.

2. Restart your Apple Watch and iPhone.

Even if your iPhone and Apple Watch have the most recent updates installed, you may still need to reset them before you can use them again with the latest software. Holding down the side button and swiping the Power off slider is a quick way to restart an Apple Watch.

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Thirdly, Ensure that The Find My Offerings Are Proving Effective

Check that the Find My service on your iPhone is functioning properly if you’re having issues pinging your Apple Watch from your iPhone. Ping will not function if Find My is unavailable. Here you can see how Find My Network is doing at the moment.

Check that Your Internet Is Working Properly

Pinging your Apple Watch requires an active internet connection, so if your home or business network is down, you won’t be able to use this feature. Check to see that your Internet connection is active and then try again.

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