What Is the Minesweeper and How to Play It

Please enjoy your stay in Minesweeper. A majority of Windows users will already have the game installed. This walkthrough is meant to assist you in finishing your very first game. It’s easy to play; just flag all the mines by following the rules of the game, which are as straightforward as counting the numbers on the blocks and identifying their locations.

Key Concepts:

  • Whenever you locate what appears to be a mine, mark the area with a flag.
  • Put a question mark where you think a mine might be. On the other hand, it serves no purpose.
  • There’s a happy face here; if you want to start over, click it (or press F2).
  • The terminology is clear, so let’s get to sweeping!

Phase 1: Locating Your Initial Gold Deposit

how to play minesweeper

Since this is your first game, click anywhere to get started. There’s a decent possibility that you already possess something resembling the depicted item. Keep in mind that the figure denotes the number of mines in close proximity to the aforementioned block.

Take the example given here. Examine the image’s bottom left corner (3rd from the left and 2nd from the bottom). There is only one unbroken block next to it and one mine in the immediate vicinity. It must be a mine, then. Mark it for deletion by clicking the right mouse button. Yay! You’ve just uncovered the first gold mine. Make the same effort with other people. Mark the unopened mines in a block with a number 2, and so on up to the lucky number 8 (if you got that).

Clearing the Other 2nd Step

It’s past time that the adjacent blocks were tidied up, too. You can see in the image that there is a mine situated next to Block A. There will be no other mines in the area as a result. As a result, the mine in the bottom left can be cleared out.

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Making an Accurate Prediction

Making an educated guess is a skill you’ll need frequently. Most of the ones that require a guess, however, appear right before the game ends. To use an example from this very context: (see the image). There’s only one more mine, and it has to be close to the number three.

To either of the buildings. If you want to find the mine, you need to break open a block that neither side uses, such as the orange blocks in the image.

Fourth, Use a 1-2-3 Formation

How To Play Minesweeper

You should have completed at least six introductory fields and gained some experience before proceeding to this stage. Here is a method I found that works pretty well. The 1-2 pattern is what’s known. Notice how the 1-2 are backed up against a wall in this picture? (of blocks).

To make room for one, here you can eliminate the adjacent block (but not in the shared field!). When playing at an intermediate or advanced level, this strategy will prove useful. If you pretend there’s a mine in the block I told you to clear, how satisfied are the 1 and 2?

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Method 5: Design for the Walls

You’ll likely run into situations similar to the one described above. Each of these orange squares contains a mine. It is okay to break open the blue block. You have to ask yourself if a mine is placed in the blue block, will the 1s be happy?

Tips for Step 6

  • To help you become a better minesweeper, I’ve compiled the following information.
  • You can restart the game by pressing the F2 key.
  • Do not bother with the question mark, it will serve no purpose.
  • Instead of winning the game when you’ve marked all the mines, the game ends when all the safe blocks have been opened.
  • In the event that you click on a mine by accident, simply hold down the mouse button and move the cursor.
  • You’re more likely to get stuck if you try to start on the side, so always go in the middle.
  • The game’s settings and difficulty are located in the tab labeled “Game.”
  • Check out this site if you have time:


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