How to Use Widgetsmith to Make Widgets on An I Phone or I Pad

Since the introduction of iOS and iPad 14, Apple has allowed you to personalize the look and feel of your iPhone and iPad Home Screen. You can now make a few various adjustments to make your Home Screen stand out, such as adding widgets, even though iOS doesn’t have nearly as many customization choices as Android.

One of the most well-liked iOS apps that enables you to design unique iPhone widgets is Widgetsmith. You may use Widgetsmith to make your own widgets on an iPhone or iPad by following the instructions in this article.

Widgetsmith: How to Get Started

how to use widgetsmith

The simplicity of usage is one feature that distinguishes Widgetsmith. By giving you access to ready-made, editable templates, the app keeps things simple. It makes sense why it’s one of the best apps for making personalized iPhone widgets.

That makes using fully featured customization programs like Scriptable simple for just about anyone, even people who aren’t tech knowledgeable.

With the aid of Widgetsmith, numerous widgets can be produced. There are widgets in the following categories: astronomy, weather, air quality, tides, photographs, time, date, step-counting, health and activity, battery, calendar, and reminders. Unfortunately, the most incredible iPhone custom widgets from Widgetsmith, including weather, air quality, pollen, and tides, are locked behind a $1.99/month (or $19.99/year) membership. Additionally, the subscription removes in-app advertisements and unlocks new widget themes.

Widgetsmith may require you to provide it access to your location, calendar, reminders, health, and photographs in order to function. Open the app, select Settings > App Privacy Permissions, and select Authorize next to each permission you want to grant.

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Widgetsmith: How to Create a Widget

Thanks to Widgetsmith’s user-friendly UI, making custom widgets is a breeze. Using Widgetsmith, follow these steps to create a unique widget:

Open Widgetsmith after obtaining a free download from the App Store.

  1. To choose the widget’s desired size, tap Small #1, Medium #1, or Large #1. Four apps can fit inside a small widget because it is square in shape. While the huge widget is likewise a square, the medium widget looks like a rectangle.
  2. To give your widget a new name, tap [Image size] #1. This will make it simple for you to distinguish between your custom widgets. Since the date widget will be used as an example in this lesson, we will call our widget Date. Please feel free to name your widget in accordance with the processes since they are identical for various widget sizes.
  3. Tap Default Widget after that. The widget selection page is where Widgetsmith will direct you. You can select any of the various widget styles and the widget type on this page.
  4. To select a widget and a style, simply tap. For more categories, scroll down from the Photos widget section at the top of the page.
  5. To personalize your widget, tap Aesthetic / Theme at the bottom.
  6. Choose a predefined style and click the Customize Theme button to further customize your widget. The widget’s font, hue, background, border, and artwork are all editable.
  7. To finish, click Save.
  8. To apply changes to the theme or the widget, Widgetsmith will prompt you. Choose your preferred option.
  9. Tap Save, then choose Back. To finish, click Save on the widget renaming page.

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How to Add an iPhone Widget to The Home Screen

  1. The next step is to add your own widget to your home screen after it has been completed. The procedure is simple because iOS supports widgets. To add widgets to your iOS or iPad’s home screen, simply adhere to these steps:
  2. To activate Jiggle mode on your iPhone, go to the Home Screen and long-press on your wallpaper. Alternatively, you may long-press on any app icon and choose Edit Home Screen.
  3. Press the top plus (+) button.
  4. Widgetsmith can be found in the app list by scrolling down. You may also use the widget’s search box to locate it.
  5. Your custom widget’s size can be chosen. When you choose a size, Widgetsmith will automatically include any widgets you have if there is just one widget beneath that size. Otherwise, go through the subsequent stages.
  6. Tap and hold the empty widget grid and drag it to your Home Screen after choosing the size. In Jiggle mode, Widgetsmith will add a new blank widget grid to your Home Screen and populate it with any custom widget. However, you have a choice as to what will be shown next.
  7. Tap the personalized Widgetsmith widget while it is still in Jiggle mode.

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Widgetsmith Timed Widgets: How To Use

how to use widgetsmith

Timed Widgets are another interesting Widgetsmith feature. An ephemeral widget known as a Timed Widget will only appear on your iPhone Home Screen for a limited time. It may be a single hour, two hours, three hours, and so forth. Your iPhone or iPad will instead show the default widget on the Home Screen outside of specified hours.

Follow these steps to create a Timed Widget

  1. Start Widgetsmith.
  2. Choose a widget that is unique to you.
  3. On the following page, click Add a Timed Widget.
  4. By holding down the time selector and adjusting it, choose the time that your Timed Widget should appear.
  5. Touch the empty widget grid.
  6. Then, pick a widget from the list of predefined possibilities and then hit Aesthetic / Theme to make changes to it.
  7. After finishing, return and tap Save.

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