Oculus App: What is Oculus App Lab? More About App Lab!

Curation from a publishing platform is the scariest thing for developers. An application must first be analysed by the curatorial team in order to determine whether or not it meets the criteria for inclusion in the official store’s catalog.

PlayStation and Xbox have comparable curation systems, although Oculus is considered a tad more stringent. These tight guidelines are in place to make sure that players are receiving high-quality material. What’s the easiest method to get through this process without being rejected?

Before submitting an app for curation, one method is to run it through its paces on a Quest smartphone. “SideQuest” is an app that may be familiar to you if you’ve used the Quest app in the past.”

Even while “Software Lab,” a new game from Oculus, is the center of this post’s discussion, we must note that “SideQuest,” a similar app, already exists and serves a similar purpose. In other words, let’s take a closer look at what “SideQuest” actually is.

Side Quest Is a Term Used to Describe a Type of Game

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A virtual reality portal called SideQuest allows creators to post their games and experiences to the platform. You only need to enable the headset’s developer mode and the “SideQuest” program on your PC in order to play these publications on your headset.

Where Can I Find out More About App Lab?

Using Oculus’ App Lab, developers may upload their work directly to the Oculus Store without having to go through a review process. It is a superb platform that encourages developers to publish their apps to the public in an official manner.

In February 2021, Oculus announced the existence of the game, however, there isn’t a lot of material available yet. Until “App Lap,” sideloading was the only way to obtain non-store content on your headset. “App Lab” isn’t intended to be a replacement for “SideQuest.” Instead, Facebook and SideQuest collaborated to link “SideQuest” content with “App Lab.”.

Due to the fact that App Lab is a government agency, there are still several hurdles to overcome before your app may be added to the directory. It’s not as rigid as the shop curation, though.

Installation of App Lab Applications: What Are the Steps Involved?

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However, the App Lab experience is a lot simpler than “SideQuest” in terms of how to access it. Developer mode is required for side-loading, but not for “App Lab,” which does not require it.

However, developers can set up their own custom “App Lab” URLs and market them however they see fit. There is no official store for “App Lab” material. Facebook has also collaborated with SideQuest to establish the “App Lab” category in order to promote “App Lab” content on the social media platform. This indicates that the “SideQuest” is still the best area for non-store stuff.

Just go to SideQuest’s official website and enter the “App Lab” game category. Then, click on the app you wish to play and enjoy.

After that, an “OCULUS APP” button will appear on your screen. You’ll be taken to the Oculus Store if you click on that link. Just like the image below, a message will be displayed: To begin the installation process on your Oculus headset, click “OK” and follow the on-screen directions.


Young virtual reality developers will find the “App Lab” programme exciting and inspiring. Instead of having to deal with the official’s stringent curating, they’ll have an official platform to market their work on.

“App Lab” and its connections to “SideQuest” and how to install “App Lab” material on your VR headset were discussed in this post. You can expect to see pre-releases and average material in the “App Lab,” which is an experimental stage for new apps.

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