How to download and install the Google Play Store

It’s fantastic news that Google’s Play Store often receives upgrades. The bad news is that some folks may have to wait months before they can get their hands on the newest version. The core features are always there, so using an earlier version isn’t a huge deal. Still, we realise the need to have the most recent and finest version on your gadget. Is it time for you to upgrade to the latest version of Google Play on your gadget? Let me explain.

It’s important to note that this only applies to Google Android devices for the purpose of installing the Google Play Store. Installing Google Play Services, Google Account Manager, and the Google Services Framework is required in addition to the Play Store on non-Google Android devices like the Amazon Fire Tablet.

The Process of Updating the Google Play Store

  • If you already have Google Play installed on your smartphone, here’s how to update to the current version:
  • Launch the Google Play Store.
  • Select “Settings” by clicking on your profile image in the upper right.
  • Select “About” from the main menu.

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The Last Step Is to Select Play Store Update

If Google decides that your Play Store needs a new version, you will receive it. If your version of the Play Store is up to current, it will report that.

You can quickly and easily update to the most recent version of the Google Play Store in this method. Given that it automatically updates, it should always have the most recent information. Nonetheless, this is the simplest way to be certain.

Installation Instructions for The Google Play Store

play store app install

This technique is compatible with Android 8.0 Oreo and later. It’s important to note that Google Play Services must also be installed for the Play Store to work. Verify the current version if upgrading – To access the Settings menu on the Play Market, tap your profile image. You can find the Play Store version by tapping the “About” tab.

APKMirror Installer, downloadable for free, facilitates the process of installing APKs obtained via APKMirror. You may get it from the Play Store if you tap here.

Install an APK from the Google Play Store; APKMirror is your best chance here as it hosts only legitimate downloads. These are the Android application packages that may be downloaded from the Play Store. Find the most up-to-date version by referencing your current one.

APK Mirror Installer Setup This is required to run any current APK downloaded from APKMirror. Thankfully, it doesn’t cost anything to download it from the Play Store.

Get Google Play on your device – To find the files you need, launch the APKMirror installer and click the Browse button. Browse to where you saved the APK and choose it. Choose to install and then watch an advertisement by tapping the “Install package” option.

Take care of permissions – At long last, Android will display the prompt to Install Unknown Apps. To allow APKMirror Installer to download and install the APK, tap the app’s icon. You can return to the app by tapping its back button.

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Complete the Google Play Store installation by running the installer

That ought to be the final step. The Google Play Store is available in a wide variety of flavors, with some tailored specifically to certain platforms like Android TV or Wear OS. If the installation fails, make sure you’re using the right APK and that it’s compatible with your device.

Optional approach for devices running versions of Android prior to Oreo These actions are handled differently on devices running versions of Android older than Android 8.0 “Oreo.” They’re nearly identical, but the order is off and there are a few tweaks you’ll need to make. We don’t think anyone will ever need this section of the tutorial, but we’re including it anyhow.

Take care of authorizations – Access the Security menu in your phone’s settings. Next, select the checkbox next to Use content from Unknown sources. With this option enabled, you can install apps from the app store’s “sideload” tab. Locate the appropriate update version – To check the version number, open the Play Store and navigate to the Settings menu.

Google’s Play Store Application Package – If you need an APK from the Google Play Store, click on the link to APKMirror up top. To ensure you have the right version, compare it to the one you’re currently using.

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The Apk Mirror Installer Is Available for Download from The Play Store at This Link

play store app install

Get Google Play on your device – Launch APKMirror Installer, choose the APK file you downloaded, and tap the Browse Files button. Given that you have already dealt with permissions, the installation should proceed without further delay.

Doesn’t work? What about trying this? Get a file explorer (any will do). Launch a file manager, navigate to the location where the file was downloaded, and give that a try. The APKMirror Installer is necessary since modern APKs are distributed as bundles and must be installed in a peculiar way. Nonetheless, if you’re using an extremely out-of-date version of the Play Store, the APKs you’re trying to install may still be the originals, in which case you can install them using any file browser.

As mentioned previously, an incompatible APK is typically to blame when an installation fails. Verify your version and try a different APK download.

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