Gorgeous Rainmeter Skins You Should Use

The Windows OS is and always has been highly modifiable. However, most users only use the many standard and third-party/custom Windows 10 themes or change the wallpaper every once in a while. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools available that allow you to customize your Windows desktop to your heart’s content, with Rainmeter being the most well-known. This article presents the 25 greatest Rainmeter skins you can use to immediately improve your device’s visual appearance.

Recommended Skins for Rainmeter in 2021


Rainmeter is a free tool that provides extensive control over the appearance of your computer’s desktop. It can show a tonne of extra data (clock, network stats, processor utilization) on the desktop, and the desktop itself is very customizable thanks to the various skins available.

Without a doubt, you’ll need to install Rainmeter (free download) on your Windows PC before you can use these skins. It works with Windows XP through Windows 10, and presumably Windows 11 as well, though we haven’t tried it ourselves. To aid your reading, we have provided a table of contents immediately below.

1. Mond

Mond is my go-to Rainmeter skin since it complements my wallpaper so perfectly. I downloaded this wallpaper, a neon gas station, from Reddit (check it out). In addition, the Mond skin is highly modifiable and supports a wide variety of desktop widgets.

Be aware, though, that Spotify support is currently only available via a third-party plugin, so standard functionality is not guaranteed. In order to acquire the plugin, please visit the location detailed below. In general, the Mond skin is unobtrusive, lightweight, and resource-friendly.

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2. Flhud

The FLHUD skin for Rainmeter is another one of my favorites, and I use it frequently on my laptop. The customizable links in the top bar, the integrated Spotify visualizer, and the time and date display all contribute to making life easier.

Once I get to my desktop, I can visit any website in a matter of seconds, and that’s fantastic. In addition, the ‘You are Here’ wallpaper I found on Reddit (which you should check out) complements my Rainmeter setup quite well. The taskbar can be hidden if you want to make room for more widgets.

3. Ageo

Age is a lightweight Rainmeter skin that adds a modern, material design to your desktop with a sleek music player, a time and date widget, and a widget that cycles through inspirational quotes as you work.

That’s really cool, right? Aside from that, a dock resembling that of macOS is at your disposal, and it’s fully modifiable. Additionally, I found it intriguing that this skin did not hinder the performance of my i5 laptop. Follow the provided link if you’re interested in giving this Rainmeter skin a try. For this one, I’m utilizing a minimalist nature wallpaper that you should go check out.

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4 Middle of the Road


To illustrate, I’ll use Moderate skin as an example because it closely resembles Android’s user interface. Launcher, instant access to settings, and audio controls are all included. This Rainmeter skin is excellent for use with a touchscreen laptop.

In addition, I’ve used the “Futuristic City” wallpaper (also available on Reddit) to provide a uniform visual style across both the skin and the desktop background. The sum of my experience with this Rainmeter skin has been positive, and I recommend installing it on your computer.

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Gemini Suite, No. 5

The Gemini Suite is a basic Rainmeter skin that includes a clock, memory usage, and storage space monitor. There are, however, a few intriguing features of this skin. The left side widget is where you can put any apps or games you like. And if you have a Steam account, you can link it so games load and launch promptly.

The Xbox Game Bar is integrated into this skin, allowing you to quickly access many gaming utilities. This is fantastic, and not just because the wallpaper is now part of your skin. To put it plainly, if you’re a gamer, you should give The Gemini Suite skin a try.

You’ll feel at home with the Sonder skin if you’re seeking a basic design with a focus on the beauty of nature. The clock, calendar, weather, and CPU usage graphs all have green highlights. This rainmeter skin, when used with TaskbarX to give you a centered transparent taskbar, should make your desktop look great. In addition, the skin is still in active development, which means you can expect to see further features added in the near future.

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