The Best Alternatives to Revo Uninstaller for Windows

Thanks to the wonderful Revo Uninstaller, deleting unused software is faster and less of a hassle than ever before.

To be sure, the software isn’t faultless; compared to its rivals, it excels and falls short in different respects. If you’re having trouble with Revo Uninstaller or you just want to try something new, the following are some of the best options available.

A. I Obit Uninstaller

revo uninstaller

First on the agenda is IObit Uninstaller. IObit Uninstaller, like Revo Uninstaller, is a widely used uninstaller that has been downloaded many times.

Like any other uninstaller, IObit Uninstaller makes it simple to get rid of unused software with no effort. In doing so, it naturally diverges from Revo Uninstaller in several key respects.

To begin, IObit Uninstaller has a far more streamlined user interface than its competitor, Revo. IObit Uninstaller is a more up-to-date alternative to Revo Uninstaller, which looks and feels dated.

When compared to Revo Uninstaller, IObit Uninstaller is noticeably swifter. IObit Uninstaller is ready to use nearly immediately, while Revo typically takes several seconds to load and categorize everything you have installed.

Also, similar to Revo Uninstaller’s Hunter Mode, IObit Uninstaller has its own mode. If you enjoy Hunter Mode and want an alternative to Revo Uninstaller, IObit is a good option because it includes many features that the latter lacks.

Some of Revo Uninstall’s cleaner tools are similar to those found in IObit Uninstaller, which includes options for monitoring the health and installation of your software. Unlike Revo Uninstaller, IObit Uninstall may remove programs from Windows 10 in bulk.

The biggest problem with IObit Uninstaller is that it constantly bombards you with offers to download additional, unnecessary programs. There are a number of hidden checkboxes during the installation process that prompt you to install other software that you probably don’t want, and this continues even after the program has been installed.

When you have IObit Uninstaller running, you may get a pop-up window suggesting that you download additional software. This persists long after you believe you have closed the program, which is really inconvenient.

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Secondly, Absolute Uninstaller

The next program on the agenda is Absolute Uninstaller. You may find that Absolute Uninstaller meets your needs for something smaller and more portable.

Absolute Uninstaller, like Revo Uninstaller, has a more conventional interface, similar to the classic Add or Remove Programs menu.

If you’re used to using Revo Uninstaller, you’ll note that Absolute Uninstaller has a lot less functionality. There is no “Hunter Mode” or other supplementary tools for extra scrubbing. Absolute Uninstaller, however, more than makes up for this shortcoming with its lightning-fast performance and intuitive interface. When it comes to finding and eliminating recently installed programs, Absolute Uninstaller triumphs over Revo Uninstaller.

Also, unlike Revo Uninstaller, Absolute Uninstaller has a feature called “Batch Uninstall” that allows you to delete multiple programs at once.

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3D Uninstaller for Junk Software

To efficiently remove multiple programs at once, Bulk Crap Uninstaller is your best bet. After all, the clue is in the title.

Bulk Crap Uninstaller is superior to Revo Uninstaller because it can uninstall multiple programs at once. Select as many apps as you’d like to get rid of simultaneously, and a confirmation window will pop up in Bulk Crap Uninstaller, letting you change the removal sequence and method as you go.

Like Revo Uninstaller, Bulk Crap Uninstaller backs up your current installation to a previous point in time, and it also lets you search for any files that may have been overlooked throughout the uninstalling process.

Bulk Crap Uninstaller’s primary goal isn’t to just uninstall as many useless programs as possible. Power users can also benefit greatly from Bulk Crap Uninstaller. Revo Uninstaller conceals system components and applications that the publisher doesn’t want you to uninstall.

This is due to the fact that erasing these files can sometimes be detrimental to the health of software or your computer, but if you are aware of the risks involved, Bulk Crap Uninstaller can assist you in eliminating anything you don’t want.

One of the most feature-rich and generally useful uninstallers on this list, Bulk Crap Uninstaller is also available as a portable if you need to remove undesirable files from other people’s systems.

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Smart Program Remover 4

revo uninstaller

Wise Program Uninstaller is up next on the agenda. Wise Program Uninstaller is a potential replacement for Revo Uninstaller due to its speed and low system requirements.

Similar to Revo Uninstaller, Wise Program Uninstaller displays a list of all currently installed software. It’s worth mentioning that compared to Revo, it seems to present a less thorough list, with fewer entries and less information about them (such as file size and more).

The actual uninstall process is pretty similar, and it’s helpful to be able to quickly and easily check for any lingering registry entries with the click of a button. Wise Program Uninstaller had a faster boot time than Revo Uninstaller, but the whole experience was slower.

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