How to Open & Delete Spacehey Account? is Spacehey App Safe Legit?

The tibush GmbH oversees the Spacehey app, a social networking platform. The interface and features are quite similar to Myspace. Spacehey, the brainchild of then-18-year-old Anton Rohm, debuted that same date in 2020. We expect the site to have 1,29,000 users by July 2021. You may easily use Spacehey without creating an account. A Spacehey account is required for posting, commenting, and other forms of participation.

To What Extent Can I Use Spacehey?

spacehey app

  • Instructions for making an account are as follows;
  • You must first create a username and password.
  • This captcha is a little bit different than the ones you often see, but you still need to solve it. One way to learn more about an item in the game is to pair it with one of several possible answers.
  • Check your inbox for a confirmation email, and then click on the link included therein.
  • You may now simply edit your profile with new information and photos, as well as new links and tagging capabilities.

When should you remove your Spacehey account?

  • There are a few preliminary procedures for deleting the account again.
  • Go ahead and enter your login details into Space.
  • When you return to your page, you will see the same content. Account Settings is the very last option on the menu, so click it.
  • In the drop-down menu that appears, select More options, and then the third blue link from the bottom if you’re sure you want to delete your account.

A Tab Labeled “delete This Account” Should Be Clicked Here

spacehey app

  • Both a confirmation statement and your rationale for terminating the contract are required (purely optional).
  • If you’re a real person, please erase this when you’ve finished the human verification process.

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I Was Wondering if The Spacehey App Was Secure

  • Space is 100% risk-free and effective, so have no doubts about using it. The security of your information is a top priority, thus it uses cutting-edge safeguards to keep your account safe.
  • Is the Spacehey app a reliable resource?
  • It’s a real place with real people. To learn more about its veracity, please click the link.

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In that case, allow me to tell you a little bit about Spacehey, your next authentic and distinctive Myspace alternative.

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