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Texas Rent Relief 2022 Application: Texas City Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Texas Rent Relief 2022 Application

Arrears (past-due rent) must be applied for by both the tenant and the landlord through the Texas City Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Questions about your ability to submit an application can be answered on the Eligibility page. At least one month of past-due rent is required for households and landlords to qualify for assistance.

The Application for Tenancy

In order to apply for this program, you will first need to contact your landlord and inform them that you are interested. The property where you live should have an application from both you and your landlord included. Lenders get paid, not occupants, in this situation. If you don’t find your landlord’s name on the list, the Catholic Charities eligibility specialist will contact you to determine if your landlord is interested in participating.

On the Application, You’ll Be Required to Provide the Following Details

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What Are the Names and Ages of All the People Living in Your Home?

Renter’s Permission Form

Texas City Emergency Let your landlord know that you’re interested in applying for this program by contacting them. Make sure that your tenant has applied for the same property as you.

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On the Application, You’ll Be Required to Provide the Following Details:

Before you may access the app, you must first establish a profile: Create a username and password.

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Applicants for rental units get mail from government agencies, banking institutions, and utility companies.

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