How to Fix if One Air Pod Is Louder than The Other (easy Fix!)

Despite the fact that Apple introduced its wireless AirPods headphones almost a decade ago, many companies continue to gush over their popularity. A pair of AirPods’ seamless compatibility with iOS devices and Mac computers must also be emphasized.

Having said that, these considerations are applicable only to properly functioning Apple AirPods. On occasion, they don’t. In this instance, one AirPod might be louder than the other on occasion. You probably already know that this is particularly annoying when listening to music. Nonetheless, that is not a mistake. As it turns out, one Airpod is noticeably quieter than the other.

However, you choose to address the problem, having one AirPod be significantly louder than the other is extremely annoying. However, you shouldn’t need to visit an Apple Store for this. If one AirPod is noticeably louder than the other, there are several effective solutions to rectify the situation. In this article, we have compiled some of the most useful of these strategies for your perusal.

The Volume on One Air Pod Is Higher than The Other’s, but Why?

why is one of my airpods louder than the other

Do you have a question about why one AirPod is louder than the other? Well, there could be a few explanations. It’s possible that one AirPod is less audible than the other due to software issues, such as a broken connection or changed sound options. Long-term issues can also be caused by a Bluetooth connection that is too weak.

Changes in volume can also be caused by general wear and tear on your AirPods. As you may be aware, Apple’s AirPods from generations one and two are not protected against dust or moisture. This is why AirPods are notorious for gathering dirt and ear wax. The loudness from a single AirPod may suffer for the reasons listed above.

The discussion of the issue needs to include the role that hardware plays. If there’s a problem with the volume output of an AirPod, you can notice that one ear is quieter than the other. It’s also possible that one of the AirPods in the pair has broken.

If you aren’t hearing garbled sounds, hardware problems aren’t an issue. Because of this, the problem of one AirPod being significantly louder than the other may be easily remedied. Using this manual, you should be able to get your AirPods working like new again.

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Solution Options for When One AirPod Is Louder Than the Other

Purge Your AirPods, No. 1

The most typical cause for one of your AirPods to be quieter than the other is simple wear and tear, so let’s start there. It’s inevitable that dirt, grime, and other particles will accumulate on your AirPods and AirPods Charging Case over time. A speaker’s output may be diminished if any of these things are in the way. Cleaning your AirPods and their case in non-abrasive ways is a good idea.

The following items are required for cleaning your AirPods and AirPods charging case in a safe manner: A clean, lint-free cloth

One that Is Gentle on The Teeth

You can start by wiping down the AirPods and the charging case with the lint-free cloth. Ensure that no lint is left behind. It’s possible that making matters worse by doing so. After that, you can remove the AirPods from your ears and clean the speaker area with a soft toothbrush. You should say it softly but again. The procedure can be repeated until the AirPods’ grilles no longer show any signs of dirt.

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Turn Off and Back on Your I Phone, Which Is Tip No. 2.

Though it may seem counterintuitive at first, following these steps can help you fix the problem where one of your AirPods is noticeably louder than the other. If the problem is being caused by an iOS software glitch, try restarting your device. Apple’s AirPods will be automatically detethered from your iPhone or iPad whenever it restarts. After a power cycle, your iPhone will automatically reconnect the wireless headphones.

Balanced Sound, Number Three

why is one of my airpods louder than the other

By adjusting the volume of each AirPod individually, you can adjust the Audio Balance setting. One AirPod may be significantly louder than the other if the pair is not properly balanced. You must therefore avoid shifting the Sound Balance to the right or left. iPhone users have a few options for adjusting this feature.

  • In the Preferences menu, select Accessibility.
  • Select “Audio/Visual” from the following list of options.
  • Next, move the slider until it reaches its center.
  • Fourth, you should reset your AirPods.

You can return your AirPods to their original settings, right? As a result, you’ll be able to restore AirPods to the condition in which they left the factory. Needless to say, the procedure will wipe the gadget clean, and you’ll have to re-pair it with your iOS smartphone. Here are what you need to do to reset your AirPods.

  • Five Reset iPhone’s calibration of AirPods

The aforementioned flaw can be fixed by calibrating your AirPods. An additional plus is that calibration rarely takes longer than a few of minutes. If your AirPods have suddenly begun emitting a new sound frequency due to a glitch in the software, you may need to recalibrate them. The following procedures may be used to calibrate the instrument.

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