Is Zedge App Safe? An Answer At Last

Zedge is an app that lets you personalize your phone in a variety of ways by downloading ringtones, wallpapers, app icons, and even live wallpapers. You can get this software for either Android or iOS.

Users’ reports indicate that the Zedge app is secure and clean of malware. As 2019 progressed, however, Google Play Protect advised against keeping it owing to malware concerns. Zedge was shut down as a result of this. The software has since been reinstated in the Google Play store and is once again secure for usage.

Can Zedge Cause Harm if Used Incorrectly?

There have been more than 460 million downloads of Zedge across both the Play Store and the App Store. Currently, Zedge has more than 30 million active users. It has been around for quite some time as a go-to wallpaper and ringtones software, and it has rarely been problematic.

Google Play Protect warned users in 2019 that downloading Zedge could damage their device. Zedge’s creators temporarily pulled their app from Google Play as they checked it for malicious code and other issues.

Although the search giant did not officially comment on the incident, it is widely believed that the problem originated with the recent changes to Google’s security settings.

Zedge has been made available on the Play Store once more, suggesting it is secure to use. According to reviews, the app is functioning as expected.

Can You Explain What the Zedge App Does?


Zedge is a website for downloading HD wallpapers for both the home screen and the lock screen, categorized in a wide variety of ways (including nature, aesthetics, art, the cosmos, etc.).

Zedge is where you can find the best ringtones and live wallpapers for your smartphone, allowing you to personalize it to your liking.

Customizable app icons and widgets allow you to give your phone a whole new feel and look. Many artists share their works and make them available for download on Zedge.

You can also subscribe to the designers on Zedge to get notified whenever they release new work. Can someone tell me how to stop Zedge from showing me advertisements?

Remove Advertisements with Ad-Blocker

The use of ad-blocking software like AdGuard or Blokada is one method for avoiding advertisements on the Zedge music sharing platform. After installing an ad blocker, you will no longer be bothered by banner and video adverts and will have access to detailed information on these intrusive advertisements.

AdGuard is free in the browser, but there is a commercial version that blocks adverts in apps. You may get the full version of AdGuard from their website though, as it is not currently accessible on the Play Store.

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Make Use of A Split-Screen Layout

If you would rather not spend money on an ad blocker programme, you can utilise the split-screen mode in your Zedge app. You might not see any advertising at all, just like in full screen mode.

Here’s how to set up Android’s split-screen mode:

Tap the left nav button at the bottom of your screen to see the Recently Used apps menu (generally three vertical lines)

  • You may now open Zedge in split-screen mode by pressing and holding its icon.
  • You need to subscribe to Zedge to remove all advertisements.
  • Those who wish to use Zedge without being bothered by ads can do so by purchasing a subscription from within the app. After a month of free access, your membership plan’s pricing will take effect and you’ll be charged.
  • Getting a Zedge subscription without ads involves the following steps:
  • Release Zedge from your mobile device.
  • Use the menu item on the left, then select “No Ads.”
  • Select a subscription plan, then click the “Free Trial” button.
  • Pick the “Subscribe” button to begin your subscription.
  • Zedge’s request for access to my photo library doesn’t make sense.
  • In order to save Zedge wallpapers, you download in your Gallery, Zedge needs access to your pictures library.
  • When you give Zedge permission to view your photos, you’re telling it to save the pictures you download (and install using Zedge) to your phone.
  • When you use Zedge, none of the photos on your phone are accessed or removed.
  • Zedge requires access to your photos so you can download them to your phone and use them as background.
  • How to give Zedge permission to view your photographs and other media files

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How Come Zedge Is Billing My Card?


Zedge offers monthly and annual subscriptions to its ad-free app. If you have signed up for a Zedge yearly or monthly subscription, you will continue to be charged until you cancel.

If you purchase a Zedge subscription, you will be charged on a recurring monthly or yearly basis until you discontinue your membership. A yearly or monthly subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel it. However, you are free to terminate your Zedge subscription at any time.

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In What Ways Might I End My Zedge Trial?

You have 3 days from the time you sign up for the free trial of Zedge to cancel. Within the trial period of three days, if you decide to cancel, you will not be charged. Your free trial can be terminated by following the instructions in “How do I terminate my Zedge subscription?”

Where Do I Change the Default Browser from Zedge?

Zedge can be uninstalled from its position as the default ringtone app in two different ways.

  • 1 Eliminate Defaults
  • If you have previously set Zedge as your ringtone app of choice and now wish to change back:
  • Access “Apps” in “Settings.”
  • Right-click the menu (three dots) and choose “Show system apps.” If you’re running Android 9 or later on a Samsung device, select “Samsung app settings.”
  • To access your media library, navigate to “Media storage” > “Open by default.”
  • Select “Reset to factory settings.”

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