Django: Season 1 Episode 1 Review & Recap: “New Babylon”

The opening scene of Django begins with a young child cowering inside a barn as gunshots can be heard outside. As the screen goes black, a shadowy guy appears and turns to look down at them.

Welcome to the USA in the year 1872. Seven years have passed since the Civil War’s conclusion and the abolition of slavery. Black people in the South continue to face violence and discrimination, which is a dangerous scenario. Nevertheless, a former slave and an orphaned young woman found New Babylon, a city where everyone is free and equal, deep within Texas.

Everybody entering this town must abide by a rigorous “no-guns” rule, including wealthy visitors from outside the area who travel great distances. There is a potent concoction of alcohol, hilarity, and brutal fistfights for sport as well, with New Babylon backing its starfighter by making a handsome profit.

A mystery stranger challenges Isaac, a gigantic Austrian who is a mountain of a man. In the ensuing brutal brawl, Isaac is shockingly defeated by the stranger. The stranger hesitates before striking Isaac with the fatal blow as the mob screams “fight,” choosing instead to let Isaac live to fight another day. Who is our brave fighter, by the way? Sheriff John Ellis isn’t holding out to get the answer. He orders the visitor to depart by dawn after rewarding the winner or he would be killed.

Django – Season 1 Episode 1 “

The victor of the fight is a man by the name of Django, who arrived in New Babylon not to engage in combat but rather to return a tobacco case that allegedly belonged to a local. Well, Django has to leave in 4 hours or Ellis would kill him, so he has a strict deadline.

Well, Django is finally discovered by John Ellis sniffing around the residence. Once he’s had enough, he drags him outdoors, ties a rope around his neck, and is ready to put a sticky end to him. Sarah, Ellis’ partner, appears just as the crime is being committed. She and Django exchange glances, which is enough to evoke recollections of the two of them hunting together in the past. She uses her skill with a gun to shoot the rope he’s hanging on down while announcing to her prospective husband, John Ellis, that no wedding will take place if a fatality occurs that evening.

Django – Season 1 Episode 1

Django is not in a good mood, so while he is imprisoned, Sarah addresses the entire town, encouraging them to band together and never allow their safe haven of New Babylon to perish. Their relationship will become even stronger with her marriage to John.

After that, the scene shifts to Elmsdale City, 35 miles south of New Babylon. After setting off, three riders arrive at a brothel. The female takes one of the employees into a backroom and stabs her in the mouth after lulling her into a false sense of security. She then sets the area on fire before shooting up a large number of the workers. Elizabeth is a woman who considers herself to be working for God.

Elizabeth has been “sharing the word of the Lord on Earth” and is confident in her actions. Right now, Sarah mounts her horse and leaves New Babylon while wearing her wedding veil. She goes outside to crop with a view of New Babylon and reads Django’s notebook, which is filled with detailed drawings of her early years and background, including the commune she formerly lived in.

Returning to New Babylon, Sarah is prepared to wed John Ellis. Ellis slices his hand, but as the past seeps through, she turns and walks away before they can exchange vows.

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The Episode Review

It takes a while for a fascinating first episode to get underway as viewers are instead given plenty of time to take in the scenery, atmosphere, and general feel of this slow-moving western. The characters themselves are good, but they don’t yet have a lot of depth.

By this point, it would seem that our assumptions are about to be flipped upside down. Django, Elizabeth, and Sarah all seem to be fascinating personalities. With the flashback that occurs between this episode’s beginning and end, it would appear that John Ellis is the one who came to town to help Sarah, who was the young child who witnessed this occur. But remember to take that forecast with a grain of salt!

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Still, there’s plenty here to keep you interested for the time being, and since a more compelling plot is promised in the future, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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