D2gunsmith: What Is D2gunsmith Theory and What Are It’s Mods?

It’s a great location to practise theory by making rolls and observing how they play out in the game. As a test run, it’s typically utilised for one or two weapons. As a result of this, many individuals prefer light.gg’s barrels, magazines, and other features. D2gunsmith is still a great option if you’re looking for a single weapon.

D2 Gunsmithing Weapons

One of the most common material types in Destiny 2 is gunsmithing supplies. Most Banshee-44 products require gunsmithing materials, which can be obtained by dismantling guns and armour and salvaging their components. If you’re looking for upgrade modules or a true prophecy, you’ll need hundreds of this substance.

Unfortunately, gunsmith supplies are plentiful. Playing Destiny 2 and trashing any gear you don’t find useful will yield hundreds of thousands. You may speed up the production of gunsmithing supplies by employing a few simple shortcuts and farms.

You may buy some of the most powerful weapons from Banshee-44 in Destiny 2. The Truthteller, True Prophecy, and a host of additional weapons can be obtained from his gunsmith packages if you have the necessary ingredients.

D2 Gunsmith Supplies


Weapon and armour disassembly yields the raw materials needed to make gunsmithing. The rarity of the item you destroy determines the number of gunsmithing materials you’ll earn.

  • Rare: x1 Gunsmith’s Material
  • the material for three gunsmiths’ axes
  • Material: x3 Gunsmith’s Craft

The best gunsmith material farms focus on collecting as many rare and legendary things as possible in a short period of time because dismantling gear is their primary supply of materials.

Mods for D2: Gunsmith

Two Ghost Shell mods are available for players who are running out of gunsmith supplies. An elemental weapon’s final strike will provide more gunsmith telemetry data with the help of the Banshee Special (5 energy, economic modification). Successfully completing or winning [Activity] has the potential to drop a legendary item.

There is no need for Gunsmith Materials if all you care about is the amount of loot you can get from Banshees. Using Banshee’s Special kills reduces the likelihood of your elemental weapons producing weapon telemetry. A good Banshee weapon can be obtained using this mod without the need for constant grinding.

To gain more legendary things, you can use the Prosperity mod. A strike requires only completions, Crucible requires only triumphs, and Gambit mod requires nothing more than wins to be considered a success. You must have a Masterworked Ghost to utilise any Prosperity mod.

Data from the D2 Gunsmith Telemetry System. Like gunsmith’s supplies, Weapon Telemetry can be used as a medium of exchange to buy goods. You cannot buy Upgrade Modules or Masterwork components with Weapon Telemetry, but you may buy weapon packages with it.

If you’re farming Gunsmith Materials in search of a weapon in Banshee’s loot pool—True Prophecy, Truthteller, and so on—consider donning a Ghost Shell mod that delivers Weapon Telemetry data. Gunsmith Engrams can be earned by submitting 100 Weapon Telemetry.

What Does the Gunsmith Have to Do with The Upcoming Sequel, Destiny 2


It’s not uncommon to find Gunsmith Materials while playing Destiny 2. Banshee-44’s most popular products can only be purchased with Gunsmith Materials, which must be obtained by disassembling guns and armour. Those who want Upgrade Modules or a True Prophecy will need a large amount of this material.

D2’s Gunsmith Isn’t Here There is an Exo Gunsmith named Banshee-44, who can be found in the Tower’s far-right Vault and the far left of its Cryptarch.


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