New Vacation Pictures of Miranda Lambert and Her Husband Are Stunning

The photographs show that love was in the air over Father’s Day weekend. Of course, we’re referring to the thread of gorgeous photos that Miranda Lambert and her hubby Brendan McLoughlin posted together.

The country couple spent the weekend enjoying a more tranquil location on a lake instead of the stage and red carpet. The two lovers have every right to take some time to unwind by the sea now that summer is in full swing. In his weekend review, Brendan didn’t hesitate to engage in a little PDA with the audience. “Great day at the lake with some absolutely great folks,” he said as the caption on his Instagram.

New vacation pictures of Miranda Lambert and her husband are stunning

Miranda opted to keep things very simple with a pink bikini, pigtails, and, of course, a hat that represents her home state of Texas, instead of donning a show-stopping little skirt like the one she wore on The Tonight Show. The “Actin’ Up” singer simply glowed, which may have been due to a fresh tan or the fact that she was with the people she loves.

Brendan is similarly affected. Do you guys still remember the music video for Tequila Does by Miranda? The former NYPD officer demonstrated what a real six-pack looked like back then, and based on the appearance of his Instagram, his abs haven’t changed at all. They kept our attention even after he was seen in a video jumping terrifyingly off a cliff and into a lake.

For Miranda and Brendan, the good times kept coming. Introducing a new family member, who goes by “Cowboy,” the singer startled the audience. Welcome to the Family, Cowboy! Our most recent acquisition. Ahead of schedule for Father’s Day! My friend @hello I eric mentioned that a friend of his had a horse that needed a new home. That is never a no… Yes, indeed, it is!

New vacation pictures of Miranda Lambert and her husband are stunning

‘If I Were a Cowboy,’ Miranda wrote. The singer’s admirers and friends expressed their joy in the comments section as soon as they heard the news, writing things like:’Save a cowboy, ride a horse named cowboy,’ I must confront him in person. He is gorgeous! as well adores the hat. A bandwagon tour 3.0 is required, p.s. The future That face is so adorable.

Little Big Town, who Miranda praised in her caption, appears to have already won over Cowboy, according to appearances. Even Cowboy had an opportunity to rock the merchandise, as he was wearing a cap with the name of Little Big Town’s most recent single on it and was grinning ear to ear.

New vacation pictures of Miranda Lambert and her husband are stunning

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