Philippines Lets “Barbie” Movie Be Shown and Says that China Map Looks Like a Picture!

The “Barbie” movie can now be shown in the Philippines, despite calls to stop it because of a controversial map of China’s “nine-dash line.”

The decision was made after the film review board decided that the map looked “cartoony” and didn’t show a controversial map feature that China uses to claim big parts of the disputed South China Sea. Vietnam banned Greta Gerwig’s comedy-fantasy film about the famous doll last week, making Warner Bros.’ “Barbie” one of the most controversial movies coming out this summer.

People say that the “nine-dash line,” a map feature that China uses to back up its claims to most of the South China Sea, was shown in a promotional video.

“Given the context in which the cartoon map of ‘Weird Barbie’ was shown in the movie, the review committee is convinced that the controversial scene does not show the ‘nine-dash line,'” the Philippines’ Movie and Television Review and Classification Board said in a statement Wednesday.

‘barbie’ Movie

It said that the choice was made after the movie was watched twice and officials in foreign affairs and legal experts were consulted. Media sources say that the Philippine board has asked Warner Bros. to “blur the controversial lines” so that there aren’t any more misunderstandings.

In 2016, when the Philippines complained about the disputed waterway, an international court in The Hague ruled against China. However, tensions remain because Beijing continues to reject that decision.


Since then, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Brunei, among other Asian countries, have protested China’s continued and persistent building of land sites to increase its land grab. The South China Sea is a key trade path that is full of minerals and is the site of trillions of dollars worth of ship-based trade every year.

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In response to Vietnam’s ban, a Warner Bros. Film Group spokeswoman told Variety last week that the map in Barbie Land looks like it was drawn by a child with crayons. “The drawings show Barbie’s imaginary trip from Barbie Land to the “real world.” It wasn’t meant to make a statement of any kind.”

The Philippines’ film authorities may have agreed with this point, but they also gave a warning.

In its statement, the review board said, “The Board sternly warns all filmmakers, producers, and distributors that it will not hesitate to sanction and/or ban films that show the ‘nine-dash line for being against the law.'”

Margot Robbie plays Barbie, and Ryan Gosling plays Ken. After being kicked out of the perfect Barbie Land, they both go on a trip to find themselves.

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