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Season: A Letter to The Future Release Date, Platform, and Game Length!


At the conclusion of the most recent season, SEASON takes place in a foreign country. Something is on the way, but it’s unclear exactly what yet. More of what’s happening starts to come into the fold when you leave your starting village and start exploring the world on your trusty bike, and all the tiny narrative puzzle pieces start to come into focus.

How eager you are to explore every corner of this game will determine how much you learn about this universe and the numerous events that have led up to the present.

What Platform Is Season Releasing On?

The season will be playable on PC and consoles. For additional information, visit the Steam website here. Console users can download the game on the day of release from the Epic Games Store or PlayStation Store.

On PC, the game will cost $25, and on PlayStation 4, $30.

Season: A Letter to The Future Pc Specs

The following is a list of SEASON’s prerequisites, taken from the Steam website mentioned above:



How Long Is Season: A Letter to The Future?

Depending on how long you remain and consume alcohol in the environment, SEASON should last anywhere from 6 to 12 hours, according to the developers. Expect this one to take at most 9-10 hours if you want to see everything and complete all the achievements.

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Is Season Single-Player or Multiplayer?

There are no multiplayer possibilities in the single-player solo game SEASON. You may anticipate spending the majority of this independent film on your bike taking photographs and recording audio.

Is There Any DLC?

Beyond the base game, there is no information about any downloadable DLC at this time.

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Does the Game Have Achievements?

Yes, It Does! the Majority of The Trophies and Achievements May Be Unlocked Just by Finishing the Game and Taking in Everything It Has to Offer. However, This One Does Not Have a Platinum Trophy. the Complete List Is Actually Available at True Trophies. This List of Achievements Will Be Exactly the Same on Steam.

Is There a Trailer for the Season?

Are you anticipating the Season? What aspect of the game’s coverage most impressed you? Tell us in the comments section below!

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